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Need to get in contact with UK Mobile Phone Network Operator o2? On this page, you'll find details of how to contact o2 by phone, online or via mail.


Handy Websites:


o2 Contact Email Addresses:

Customer services: Online form available from the o2 site. Select "Help" and enter "Contact us"
Customer services: mycare@o2mail.co.uk
Complaints: complaints@o2mail.co.uk
Abuse: abuse@o2mail.co.uk
Nuisance Call dept: ncb@o2.com
High-level complaints: complaintreviewservice@o2.com


o2 Phone numbers:

Sales: 08442 020202 (5p a minute BT landline), or 0870 225 7879 (National rate)
Business Sales: 0800 089 0202 (Free)

Customer Services (Contract): 202 from your o2 handset (Free from o2 mobile)
Customer Services (Contract): 0844 809 0202 (5p a minute on BT landline)
Customer Services (Contract): 0113 306 9265 (standard geographic call - works outside UK)

Customer Services (iPhone): 2302 from your o2 handset (Free from o2 mobile)
Customer Services (iPhone): 0844 875 2302 (5p a minute on BT landline)

Customer Services (o2 Online Contract): 0844 847 0202 (National rate)

Customer Services (Pre-pay): 4445 from your o2 handset (25p per call)
Customer Services (Pre-pay): 0844 809 0222 (5p a minute on BT landline)
Customer Services (Pre-pay): 0161 705 5000 (Switchboard, ask to be put through)

O2 Customer Services is available from 8am - 9pm Mon to Fri, and 8am - 8pm Saturday and 8am-6pm Sunday.

Handset upgrades: 0800 131 3136

o2 Complaints: 0845 330 0684 (Pre-pay)

Member Services: 0870 444 6496 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri)
Finance/Payments Dept: 0870 220 3299
o2 Data Services: 0113 388 1685

Mobile Web Specialist team: 0870 607 6161
Mobile Web Specialist team: 08705 860 860. Don't enter your number, but press * twice and select menu option 2.

Pay-as-you-go credit card top-ups: 4444 (free from o2 mobile), or 0845 606 2277 (Local rate)

Internet (PC) helpdesk: 0906 302 0220 (50p per minute)
Lost or stolen barring: 08705 214000 (National rate)
o2 Online fax (Customer Services): 0113 202 5875 or 0170 931 6910

o2 Head Office Switchboard: 0113 2722000 (was 01753-565000)


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o2 Postal Addresses:

Customer Services: 0219 HQ/Bury, O2 online, Dummers Lane, BL9 9QL

Registered Office: Telefónica UK Limited, 260 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4DX,

Phone return: The Returns Department, FREEPOST, NEA12343, Warrington, WA1 2AA

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