Adaptive Affinity Ltd - What They Do and How To Complain

Information on Adaptive Affinity Limited, the Edgware-based rewards scheme operator behind online rewards schemes including Vistaprint Rewards, HighStreetMax and Rewards Now, as well as schemes such as Credit Score Matters and Credit Confidential


Who is Adaptive Affinity?

Adaptive Affinity Limited operates a number of consumer reward schemes in the UK. These include, or have included, the following:

  • VistaPrint Rewards / Vprewards
  • High Street Max / HighStreetMax
  • Rewards Now
  • Credit Rating Matters
  • High Credit Score
  • High Street Max
  • Ticket2Save
  • Quick Credit Score (for CallCredit)
  • Credit Confidential
  • Rewards First / MembershipMe


Problems and Issues

A number of websites have given extensive coverage to consumer reports of unexpected credit card charges, most commonly as a result of purchases from Vistaprint (VPrewards), Flybe (Rewards First) or (HighStreetMax)

Based on the complaints received from visitors to this site, and the experiences of one of the team here at ConsumerDeals, schemes operated by Adaptive Affinity rely on you signing up to a membership club that debits your credit card with fixed monthly accounts.

Trying to get out of an Adaptive Affinity scheme and trying to get your money back has been problematic for many.

BBC Rip Off BritainOne of our team unwittingly signed up to Vistaprint Rewards, and started to get debits of £9.99 a month. It took over three years, plus the intervention of the BBC Rip Off Britain team to get a refund.

There have also been reports following consumer concerns about schemes operated by Adaptive Affinity in: The Mirror, BBC Rip Off Britain, The Guardian , The Observer, the FSB Scamwatch and on BBC Radio.

Websites that list customer complaints, including the Daily Mirror and Consumerdeals sites have received threatening legal letters aimed at forcing removal of customer complaints about Adaptive Affinity schemes.

Some of Adaptive Affinity's schemes have been investigated by the The Office of Fair Trading (2009) and the Trading Standards Institute (2008).


Adaptive Affinity Investigated By Daily Mirror
Adaptive Affinity Investigated By Daily Mirror - Sept 2010


Adaptive Affinity Schemes

You can find information on schemes operated by Adaptive Affinity on the following links:

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Sept 2010: This website is aware of a formal complaint by Adaptive Affinity as a result of one of our team having problems getting refunds from the VistaPrint Rewards Scheme operated by Adaptive Affinity.

VPrewards debits
Full Details: Adaptive Affinity requests deletion of over 190 consumer comments


How to contact Adaptive Affinity Ltd

As a matter of public record, the address for Adaptive Affinity Ltd is:

Adaptive Affinity Limited
Cavendish House
369 Burnt Oak Broadway

Telephone: 0870 143 2343

Alternatives: Try 0800 028 8251 (freephone) and 0845 026 1100

Adaptive Affinity Limited is registered in England and Wales. Company number 0543004


How to complain to Adaptive Affinity Ltd

Should you wish to complain about charges on your credit card statement from one of the schemes operated by Adaptive Affinity, in the first instance, contact them using the above address or phone number.

In the event that your complaint is not resolved via this route, we have been advised that you should contact David Forest, the Managing Director at Adaptive Affinity Limited's Head Office:

  • Head Office address: As above
  • Switchboard number: 0208-731 5620
  • Fax number: 0870 143 2344

If you get no satisfaction from Adaptive Affinity, contact your local Trading Standards, or the Office of Fair Trading.

If you've been adversely affected by a scheme operated by Adaptive Affinity, you may also want to contact the media. A scheme operated by Adaptive Affinity was covered by the BBC Rip Off Britain programme at the end of 2010, and The Mirror newspaper has reported on their practices twice. Maybe start with BBC Watchdog Got A Story and BBC Rip Off Britain.


Adaptive Affinity Limited was previously known as VERTRUE LTD. They are the European division of US firm Vertrue Inc.


More information

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Adaptive Affinity Updates

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