VistaPrint - No longer be recommended by this site


Following a formal complaint against ConsumerDeals UK by Adaptive Affinity Limited, this site can no longer recommend VistaPrint.

The VistaPrint Rewards scheme was run and operated by Adaptive Affinity Limited


Links and recommendations related to Vistaprint have been removed, and this site's affiliation with Vistaprint was terminated by us in September 2010.


This decision is in response to threats of potential legal action, and accusations made by Adaptive Affinity Limited against a regular contributor to this site, in respect of the VistaPrint Rewards scheme operated by Adaptive Affinity Limited.


Our decision to withdraw our recommendation for Vistaprint from this site is in no way a reflection on Vistaprint's products and services. It is as a result of the following chain of events:

  • A member of our team made a purchase from VistaPrint (and was satisfied with the product)
  • He appears to have inadvertently entered an arrangement with Adaptive Affinity
  • Terminating this arrangement and obtaining a refund was problematic, and so he posted his observations in good faith
  • Accusations have been made against him, and a threat of legal action has been made

We would not want to recommend a company that may cause similar consequences to befall our visitors.

We thank our visitors for their understanding in this matter.


For full details of the complaint received from Adaptive Affinity Ltd, please see:
Adaptive Affinity requests deletion of over 190 consumer comments

VPrewards debits
Debits taken by the VistaPrint Rewards Scheme


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