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Details of Internet services and solutions firm based in Kent

Latest Jan 03.Thanks to those who've contacted us regarding Entweb in the last few days. From what we now understand, Entweb ceased to be towards the end of December 2003. Some of their assets have been acquired by a company called 3 time technology, but this company are not responsible for any existing hosting agreements and contracts that customers had with EntWeb.

Some of the hosting services and email forwarding services are still up-and-running, but this appears to be a goodwill measure to give old customers a chance to find an alternative provider. Reportedly, 14,000 customers have been affected by Entweb's liquidation.

Thanks to Iain at 3 time technology for responding to our questions, and confirming that the information here is correct (as of 13th Jan 04)

Transferring from EntWeb

If you have a domain hosted with what was Entweb, best advice appears to be to move to new hosting company. Sites hosted with EntWeb were previously registered by the Registrant's Agent:1st Net Services Ltd t/a Entweb. Domains were tagged with ENTNET.

  • You should identify a new company that you'd like to use to host your domain. Last year, we successfully transferred some of our domains over to simplynames.com. Note that 3 Time Technology are offering some customers the opportunity to transfer to their systems, but due to the current operating problems, it would seem that people are sceptical of transferring to such a company.
  • You should obtain the tag name for your new chosen supplier. For Simply, the tag is SIMPLYNAMES
  • You need to get the Internet record associated with your domain updated so that the tag is set to that of your new supplier (e.g. from ENTNET to SIMPLYNAMES. It may be that 3 time technology can help to do this for you. The contact details we've found for them are as follows
    • Telephone 01622 772412, 0870 1993878 or 07092 310349.
    • Fax: 01622 695451
    • Address: 3Time Technology Limited, 4th Floor, Kent House, Romney Place, Maidstone, Kent ME15 6LH
    • Managing Director: Ivor Bates
    If you have no luck, you'll have to contact the body that's responsible for your country's domain, and get them to change the tag for you. In the UK, this is Nominet. For UK domains, Nominet can arrange to change tags for you. A fee will be payable (Nominet's charge is £15 + VAT)
  • Once the tag change has been completed, you should then contact the new hosting company, who should be able to start hosting your domain as soon as it's set to their tag
If you need help with this, or wish to discuss the Entweb situation, please do this via our forum

Original Entweb Contact details were:

  • Address: 2 Starnes Court, Union Street, Maidstone ME14 1EB
  • Telephone: 0800-525470 or 01622-756823
  • Fax: 01622-755060 or 0871-871 2975
  • Email: sales@entweb.co.uk , info@entweb.co.uk
  • Support: 0871-871 2976 or support@entweb.co.uk

Alternative/Previous names: TPG (The Parket Group), EntNet and 1st Net Services Ltd

Original Entweb issues Log

31/12/03 - Entweb's main domain, www.entweb.co.uk is down. Some customers have reported some downtime this month, and one customer who's spoken to us, tells us that the company has been taken over. No official announcement has been made, and as of today, the Entweb domain is being diverted to www.3timetechnology.com. An interesting newsgroup thread on Google makes interesting reading.

1/7/02 - All Entweb services down since the early hours - Apparently a BT fault. NO estimated restoration time.

22/4/02 - Entweb server NS0.ENTWEB.CO.UK down at 10:45am. Back at approx 11:20am

21/4/02 - FTP server ftp.entweb.co.uk appears to be down. Message "500 ns0.entweb.co.uk FTP server shut down -- please try again later."

28/3/02 - Web servers down for 6 hours. Status form reported: "28/3/2002 05:30 - Web server problem We have unfortunately experienced a problem with one of our web servers overnight. This is now being resolved and should be operational again by 11:00 am. 11:00 - The server is now fully operational. Some data needed to be restored from backup, this may not include any recent file changes. Please check your website and re-upload files if necessary. We apologise for any inconvenience."

16/5/01 - It would appear that several sites hosted by Entweb are down - including the main Entweb site. Their telephone numbers appear to be down too, and email to them is bouncing. I have managed to get hold of someone (via
01622-756823), who has told me that the company is under new management (TPG Group, and not the Summers Group), and they are in the process of moving servers over to new leased lines. Disruption should be over within the next 48 hours. The representative apologised for not being bale to notify customers. Personally, I'm not impressed, but I'm told there are plans to improve Entweb's service now that new backing has been acquired.


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