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The latest deals on buying cheap DVDs and videos online and in the high street

DVDs and Videos online:


Play.com - Our favourite place for buying DVDs online, as they offer free delivery, and are normally running some kind of special deal. Check out www.play.com

King of the online DVD retailers is Amazon. Try entering a title in the box below and check out their range.

Renting DVDs online

If you're into DVDs, rather than buying new releases... try mail-order rental instead. By paying a single monthly fee to a company such as LOVEFiLM, you'll be posted DVDs in accordance with your requested list. Keep them for as long as you want, and when you return them, they'll send you another one from your list.

Receive an unlimited number of DVDs through the post with no late fees - build up a list of films you want to watch, they'll send them in the post. At the time of writing, they offer a FREE, NO OBLIGATION trial.

LOVEFiLM currently offer over 64,500 films with 24/7 online ordering, free delivery and returns.



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Got a multi-region player? Compare prices of worldwide releases with the DVD PriceCheck


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