Home, Contents and Car Insurance Deals

Don't you just love that moment when you open your insurance renewal quotation? And it never ends - contents, building, car, breakdown, health, travel and plans for domestic appliances and home cinema equipment.

On this page, we offer a few tips on getting a better insurance deal, and look at some UK websites that might help you to get a better deal.

AA Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Here, you have to worry about Buildings Insurance and Contents Insurance. Here are the key differences:

What is Buildings Insurance? Buildings insurance is mandatory, and is a requirement of your mortgage provider. This covers the costs of damage to the structure of your property caused by events such as fire, weather damage, impact damage, subsidence or vandalism

What is Contents Insurance? This is optional, but advisable. This protects the things in your home, as opposed to the structure of your home. Contents insurance generally covers your belongings from damage, loss or theft, but when choosing contents insurance, you should check what's covered. If you have jewellery, or expensive electronic goods, you may need to pay extra. Also consider the contents of your garage or shed. Also check whether accidental damage is covered.

So, when it's renewal time, who should you go to, to get the cheapest policy?

First off, we'd recommend you try one of the major comparison sites - here, we'd recommend Moneysupermarket.com

We'd also suggest you take a look at the AA, as they also compare quotes from leading insurers to give you a low price. They're also offering a 30% discount if you book online, and if you're already a member of the AA's Breakdown service, you may qualify for a discount. Get a quote online in minutes from www.theaa.com



Car insurance

Again, we'd strongly recommend that you try one of the major comparison sites to see if you can get a better deal on car insurance - Moneysupermarket.com is your friend!

The AA - Famous for their unbeatable roadside assistance, the AA's car insurance and car data checking is hard to beat too. Give their online comparison service a look - as they also compare quotes from leading insurers to give you a low price, and if you're already a member of the AA's Breakdown service, you qualify for a discount. You can also get a discount of up to 12.5% by booking online. The AA compare quotes from hundreds of insurers, and are independent. Go to www.theaa.com


Breakdown insurance

The big player in the UK is the AA

Looking at the AA's offering, they offer a basic Roadside Assistance package, with optional add-ons including Relay (to get you home) and Home Start (to get you started if you're at home or 1/4 of a mile from home). Being an AA member brings you a bunch of benefits, including discounts on other types of insurance, 33% off MOTs, and 5% off servicing. The AA is now a member of Nectar too.

The AA has more patrols on the road than anyone else. More details at www.theaa.com.


Travel insurance

Thinking of travelling abroad? Insurance is worth considering. What if you lose some of your possessions while travelling, or the worst happens and need medical care overseas?

Travel Insurance online is one of the leading providers of online travel and holiday insurance for online UK residents on the Internet.


Life Insurance

Over 50? Check out the Scottish Friendly's Over 50s Plan


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