Gift Ideas for UK Consumers

Nintendo DSi

Know someone with a long commute or lots of time on their hands? Consider the Nintendo DSi.

There's a huge collection of games for range of Nintendo handheld consoles, including shoot-em ups, strategy games, and brain-trainers.

The Nintendo DSi also has two cameras, wi-fi, can play music and supports SD cards.

See our Nintendo DS page for more details.

Coin Sorter
The Motorised Coin Sorter.

Sick of all that loose change? Hard to manage 5p collection? For all your pocket change needs, try the fun, but mostly pointless, Coin Sorter, from Argos.
Kameleon Remote Control

Our favourite gadget , is the All in One Kameleon, a remote control that manages multiple devices. A weird glowing blue electro-luminous controller that's easy, and fun, to use. Its motion-activated screen has subtle animation, and can be updated via the Internet. Control your TV, DVD, satellite, Hi-Fi, and much more with just one remote. More details of the Kameleon at the Radio and Telly Accessories page.

Kameleon remote controls from One 4 All are available online from Maplin, Pixmania and

Oral-B Triumph

Oral-B Triumph Toothbrush System

Claiming to be the most advanced toothbrush out there - this is an electric toothbrush with something called SmartGuide - a built-in wireless transmitter that sends information about your brushing session to a separate screen - the screen tells you if you're brushing too hard, tells you which part of your mouth to brush, and counts down o the optimal brushing time of two minutes as recommended by dentists. Clever stuff

See our Oral-B triumph page for our review.

Nespresso M100 & Aeroccino

Nespresso M100

On a quest for the perfect home cappuccino, but don't want to have to spend ages cleaning a coffee machine? Our quest for the perfect frothy coffee took us through a range of hard-to-clean cappuccino machines, and even a dalliance with the Tassimo - but then we found the Magimix Nespresso with Aeroccino. 12 varieties of coffee - minimal cleaning, and frothy milk. Well work a look - see our detailed review of the Nespresso M100 for details.

As an alternative, if you're into Italian coffee, try the Lavazza Amodo Mio

Buy or Create Hilarious T-shirts and more

Fancy getting your photo printed up on a mug, t-shirt, drinks coaster, fridge magnet or all manner of weird and wonderful things? Give CafePress .a try.

They're actually based in the US, with no UK service, but their International shipping is pretty reasonable, and we can't find a comparable UK service.

Snap Mini Digital Camera

Tiny, clever, keyring, instant, spy, flashy and impressive cameras from under £40?

I want one of those!

See our photography page for more ideas

Freeview Box
Sick and tired of the five TV channels on offer? Don't fancy getting a dish or paying a monthly subscription? For a one-off payment of around £30, consider getting 30 extra TV channels with Freeview.

For more details of Freeview, go to our Freeview page.
Look who's calling
If you're gift shopping for a telly addict... consider an audio/visual gift. What about clearing some coffee-tablespace with an all-in-one TV and Hi-Fi remote control, or better still, look who's calling with a little box that plugs into your TV, popping up the name and number of phone callers onto your TV screen without interrupting what you're watching.

This, and more ideas, can be found at the Radio and Telly Accessories page.
OK, so a document shredder isn't everyone's idea of a great present, but as highlighted in the press, identity theft is on the increase - think of how many bank statements, bills and credit card slips you chuck in the bin, and how they could be used as proof of identity.

Argos stock five shredders, with prices from £17.99 to £62.99 (including Fellowes Shredders), the main difference being the size of the bin (between 12 and 25 litre capacity). Getting a mains-powered paper shredder for home is affordable, and could save you a lot of hassle.
Coupling DVDHitch-Hikers DVD
Take a look at the following DVD and video retailers, and see what's on offer: and Amazon

For some girlie film choices, visit the Pleasing Presents DVD page, or see our DVD page for the best prices.
Aerial snaps from Getmapping
Getmapping - Prices starting from under £20 for a truly personal gift. Aerial photos from 5000 feet. Enter a UK postcode and see what's in shot, then order a framed or unframed photo or digital print.

Other ideas:

Breakdown insurance: Prices for roadside assistance start from £28 a year. See

Crystal: After something stylish and memorable? Consider Swarovski - The Magic of Crystal

Household gifts: Take a look at what JML Direct. has to offer.

Ticketmaster UK - . Looking for a unique gift? Try Ticketmaster - the leading place online to get your music, sports, theatre, comedy and attraction tickets.

Gadgets and online shopping: See our Gadgets and Shopping pages.

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