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Nectar cardThe Nectar Reward / Loyalty scheme was launched in September 2002. Amongst key members are Sainsburys and BP. The Nectar scheme replaced some existing loyalty schemes, making it easier to collect, earn and spend your points.

Not got a card? If you don't have a Nectar Card, you can get a registration pack from participating stores. The pack includes two Nectar cards (that you can use straight away), and a registration form.


How to earn Nectar Points:

A quick summary of the opportunities to earn:

Nectar Credit Card

Credit card

1 point per pound spent using the credit card. Up to 4 points when used with a Nectar card at selected stores. After spending your first £200, you'll earn 5000 points. (more)



2 points per £1 spent



1 point per litre



2 points per £1 spent instore or at


Phone calls

2 points per £1 spent on home phone calls

EDF Energy

Gas / Electric

150 points a quarter (EDF were formerly London / Seeboard / SWEB energy) - Switch here

AA Breakdown


2 points per £1 when joining or renewing breakdown service

Amazon UK


2 points per £1 on many purchases. Shop at, and when you're ready to make purchases, enter your Nectar Card number here before checking out.



Get Nectar points by keeping fit. See our Fitbug review, or go to



2 points per £1 on holidays, flights, hotels and car hire.

Viking Direct


2 points per £1 spent - office supplies, ink & toner, PC accessories

Dollond & Aitchison

Eye care

2 points per £1 spent on a range of designer sunglasses

Threshers, Victoria Wine, Wine Rack, Bottoms Up

Wine / spirits

2 points per £1



2 points per £1 on servicing, non-warranty repairs and MOTs

Adams Childrenswear


2 points per £1 spent


Car rental

2 points per £1 spent on car rental



2 points per £1 spent in restaurants

Brewer's Fayre / Brewster's


2 points per £1 spent in restaurants

Dulux Decorator Centres


2 points per £1 spent

Nectar members and schemes are always subject to change. Check for the current list.


Earn Nectar Points with a Fitbug

The FitbugWant to get in shape? Carry around a Fitbug exercise monitor and get points for getting healthy

You can collect up to an additional 80 points a week - Ten points for 12,000 steps. Take more than 10,000 steps a day, five times a week and receive an additional ten bonus points.

See our Fitbug review or go to


Latest Nectar news:

  • June 2010 - Review of Fitbug - Get Nectar points just for walking
  • May 2009 - Homebase switches to Nectar and abandons 'Spend and Save'
  • Feb 2008 - Debenhams exits Nectar. More
  • Jan 2008 - Thomson Holidays. no longer part of Nectar
  • Sept 2007 - Information on how to get Nectar points with added
  • Jun 2007 - Top offer launched - 5,000 free Nectar points for just 5 minutes work. Get your points.
  • Jun 2007 - Switch your gas and electricity to EDF and save up to 3,200 points in the first year . Switch with uSwitch.
  • May 2006 - Get 2000 points for joining the AA. Go to
  • Jun 2006 - The AA is now hooked into Nectar - New and existing AA breakdown members can now earn 2 points per £1 when joining / renewing. See
  • June 2006 - Until the end of June 2006, you can earn 1,000 Nectar bonus points on TalkTalk's Talk2 plan - You also get 2 Nectar points per £1 on your TalkTalk bill.
  • Sept 2005 - American Express has launched the Nectar Credit Card - get 5000 points as an introductory offer, and points when you use your card to shop. (more)
  • Sept 2005 - Viking Direct offering 500 bonus points
  • Aug 2005 - added to the Nectar lineup - earn points for making calls
  • Jul 2005 - Barclaycard Nukes Nectar. Barclaycard ends Nectar points from 31 August. Find out more
  • Jul 2005 - Vodafone pulls out of Nectar from 31st August.
  • Mar 2005 - Dulux Decorator Centres sign with Nectar
  • Feb 2005 - Beefeater Restaurants signs with Nectar
  • Jan 2005 - eBookers (Holidays / flights / hotels & car hire) signs with Nectar
  • Jun 2004 - Hertz rent-a-car and Magnet Kitchens/Bedrooms added to Nectar
  • Nov 2003 - New Nectar member: London Energy, Seeboard Energy, SWEB energy (Switch with
  • Jul 2003 - We've added a discussion forum for Nectar users. Visit our forum.
  • Jun 2003 - New Nectar member: Ford - Earn 2 points per £1 on servicing, non-warranty repairs and MOT's.
  • Jun 2003 - New Nectar member: Vodafone - Earn 2 points per £1 on calls, text messages, etc. Requires registration with Vodafone
  • Apr 2003 - New Nectar members: Threshers, Victoria Wine, Wine Rack, Bottoms Up and Adams Childrenswear.
  • Feb 2003 - Vodafone signed with Nectar. From late-Spring 2003 , earn 2 Nectar points for every £1 spent on Vodafone. See the story on Media Guardian
  • Feb 2003 - It's now possible to view your Nectar balance online. Go to the 'My Nectar' area at
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Nectar Frequently asked questions:

Question Answer
How do I get a Nectar Card? You can pick up a Nectar card, plus a registration form in a Nectar pack available for free in your local Sainsburys, BP garage, or in stores belonging to other scheme members. If you need help locating a store, or can't find a card locally, call the Nectar helpline on 0844 811 0811.

What are Nectar points worth? 1 Nectar point is equal to 0.5p (£0.005), and the redemption value is as follows:
  • 500 points=£2.50 at Sainsburys and Argos.
  • Can also be redeemed at a host of places. Rewards include:
    • Odeon cinema tickets
    • Blockbuster video and DVD rentals
    • Holidays: Pontins
    • Euro Tunnel and EuroStar travel
    • Food: TGI, McDonalds, Planet Hollywood, Garfunkels
    • Air travel: BMI, Virgin Atlantic, and American Airlines
    • Days out: Madame Tussauds, Warwick Castle, Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Cadbury World, Sealife, London Zoo and Legoland.

Can more than one person earn points for my account? Yes. The Nectar pack contains two cards to get you started, but after registration, you can add more collectors via

I have more than one Nectar card. Can I merge them into one Nectar account? You can add up to 99 additional collectors to your account via the "Manage collectors" option once you've logged in via Additionally, you can "pool" two existing accounts by calling the Nectar Hotline on 0844 811 0811. Both account holders will need to speak to Nectar for this to be actioned.

Can I check my points balance online? You can check your balance online via the "Check Balance" button at the or by calling the Nectar Hotline on 0844 811 0811. When answered by the automated system press * (the star key on your phone) then 2. When prompted enter your Nectar Card number and date of birth, you will then have the option to hear your points balance.

I've moved. How do I change my details?

You can do this online via or by calling the Nectar hotline on 0844 811 0811.
For general information on change of address, see our Moving Home page

How do I spend my Nectar points?

Exchange points for vouchers at your Sainsbury's home store, or by calling the Rewards hotline on 0844 811 0811 to have them sent to you. Note that you must have completed registration beforehand. Fill in the back of the vouchers and take them to the shop or retailer where you want to use them (see above).
If shopping at Sainsburys, you can ask the Sainsburys cashier to deduct points from your shopping when you pay at the checkout.

For details of where to spend your points, go to For Nectar's information on converting points to rewards, see Nectar's Redeem Page.

My card has been lost / stolen / damaged You need to email Nectar to stop your card, and to arrange a replacement. You can do this via the "Ask a question link" on the Nectar Help Page

I'm having problems registering online. If you're having problems registering online, this could well be because you have a pop-up stopper on your machine. When we tried the system, registering requires a second window to be opened (for the address checker), which a pop-up stopper prevents. Try disabling your pop-up stopper and see if that helps.

If you're not able to register online, you can call the Nectar helpline on 0844 811 0811.

Contacting Nectar

The Nectar hotline number is 0844 811 0811
(Open from 8am-8pm, Monday to Friday, and 9am-5pm at weekends)

Email: Via the "Ask a question link" on the Nectar Help Page

Post: Freepost RRXL-TGET-CGZX, Nectar, Clipper Boulevard, Dartford, DA2 6QB

Other Nectar issues We're just a consumer site, and can't help with individual issues to do with your Nectar account, but why not post your question in our Nectar forum to see if other users can help.

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