Shopping for Kids - Ideas for Mothers

Need a way of keeping your little bundle of joy happy and distracted? Here are some ideas for mums, written by one of the mums on our team


Our top tips for keeping your little one quiet

If you're looking for toys and distractions for your little boy or girl, here are the online retailers we're happy to recommend:


Ideas for Under 1's

Blossom Farm Play - Hours of fun and a safe place to put your little one when you need two hands. Available from Early Learning Centre - Blossom Farm Play and Perform Platform .

Buggy Driver - Need to while out shopping? This little driving and dashboard will keep them entertained, and it's great for helping to develop hand-eye co-ordination - Buggy Driver at ELC

First Steps Walker - This firm favourite will help with baby's first steps and a great interactive toy - this little driving and dashboard will keep them entertained, and help with walking and stability - VTech First Steps Baby Walker

VTech First Steps Baby Walker
First Steps Walker

Ideas for Toddlers

Happy Land Play Set - This little starter town with cute little people and animals will keep them playing for hours, as well as last them well past their 2nd birthday. HappyLand Ready To Play Village Set

Sand Pit - For those summer days, this sand and water table is excellent, wont spoil your grass has it's waist height, comes with it's own toys and has a handy lid to keep the sand nice. Pictured here is the Pink Sand and Water Table. Other sandpits are available from Early Learning Centre.

Retro Kitchen - this little kitchen will light up the faces of all those budding chefs. Built-in fridge-freezer, microwave, oven, sink and hob plus taps and dials to turn. Kitchen accessories are available and the kitchen can be pushed back against the wall to tidy away. Retro Kitchen

Wooden food sets - Let your little one make you a pretend tea with this lovely wooden food set Wooden Dairy Set

Sand Pit
Sand and Water Table

Ideas for Older Ones

Big City Garage - This will keep boys happy for hours. The garage has three levels and it's own petrol pump. Cars can go up in the car lift, through the car wash (with authentic sounds) then up and down the ramps before finding a place to park. The top storey of the garage includes a helipad. Big City Garage

Rosebud House - What more can any little girl want than a dolls house? This pink wooden house is perfect. The front opens right out so little hands can reach right inside, and the roof, doors and windows open up too. Rosebud House

Cool Keyboard - Budding stars will love this little keyboard and stool that also comes with its own mic. Invent your own tunes, record them and play them back with the playback function. Choose a rhythm to play along to and press the drum buttons as you play and sing. With drum buttons to hit, volume and tempo adjuster and lights that flash to the beat of the music. Superstar Cool Keyboard and Stool

Creative Time - A plastic easel ideal from creative activities. With a chalk board on one side and a wipe-clean white board on the other, get some paints, pencils, chalks and this lovely Art Centre. Ideal for use indoors or outdoors. Folds flat for easier storage.

Summer Cottage Garden House - Splashing out for summer fun, this active centre with it's own little house will keep the most energetic of children tired - Take a look at the TP Summer Cottage

Kids Cool Keyboard and Stool
First Steps Walker
Kids Cool Keyboard and Stool
Creative Arts Centre


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