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Advice on shopping for clothing

This is easy... every girl love getting things to wear. Take her shopping as a surprise, or if she sees something she likes in a shop, buy it for her.
Radley Handbag
For her birthday, buy her that expensive handbag she has seen in every magazine that she has Subscription to the Cosmopolitan Magazinebought recently. It may be £300, but she'll never forget. Talking of magazines, getting her a subscription to her favourite mag. It's a really good little present that will make her smile month after month, but won't cost you a fortune. Try Magazine Group , as they have an extensive range of low-priced magazine subscriptions.

Getting something delivered to her door will take away the disappointment when you tell her you are having a lads night out. Especially if you have bought her a new top to wear to go out with her friends... it's even better if it's got a designer label.

Try the following to get that special item:

John Lewis - Mulberry, Radley, Tula handbags are a real treat from here. - A girl just can't have enough shoes, even if she has a different pair for every day of the year!!
Debenhams - This is one of the best all round department stores, get John, Jeff Banks, John Rocha, Jasper Conran.
Selfridges - An upmarket designer store that she'd just love to receive something from.

If you are taking her away, or you want to buy her some really nice expensive lingerie, remember that you are buying something she will like, not you!! Don't buy her some tacky sexy underwear from your local sex shop, look for something nicer, try La Senza. It's sexy and will make her feel like a million dollars. If you need a little extra help, take a look at the underwear guide, for some options.

Here's more ideas:

Wonderbra - Hello Boys!!
La Senza - Selling everything from bras & panties, to sleepwear, loungewear, bodycare, and accessories.

Get her some really nice beauty products!If none of that takes your fancy, there always the old favourites: perfume and bathroom goodies. The White Company are really good for extra special goodies.

Check her size before you buy. You may not always get it right, but if you buy her a size 14 and she is only a 12, she won't be pleased, if in doubt go smaller.
If you are going to buy her favourite perfume, try and get the matching body lotion.

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