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Gadgets For Girls

iPod NanoSo you don't think your girlfriend loves technology? Oh, but we do! We love showing off that we have the latest phone, Compaq PDA laptop or PDA.

The latest MP3 player, like the iPod Nano will look really cool in her bag, and if you want to get her something pretty, take a look at the iPod Mini iPod Mini.

Alternatively, get her the world's smallest MP3 player. Less than 2.5cm, 512Meg of music, and in six colours - £85 from Currys

Q-be MP3

You must know how much time we spend on the phone... Well if you really want to get into her heart, buy her the latest handset, get a tariff that won't cost you or her a fortune, and just let her talk away.

Try these website for the latest phones on the market:

  Currys - For all the latest, up-to-date technology
Carphone Warehouse - Accessories, handset upgrades and the best tariffs around.

Get her the latest phone but before you give it to her, make sure it charged and ready to go.
Program her best friends, her favourite hairdresser and restaurants into the phone and then let her play.
Download her favourite song for its ringtone, or get her favourite colour interchangeable cover.
If she is on pay-as-you-go, slip a top-up voucher into her handbag.

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