Make money from your credit card

Why have a credit card that doesn't reward you? On this page, we take a look at a credit card that can help you to generate points while you spend.


Tesco Clubcard Credit Card


Tesco Clubcard Credit Card

Tesco Credit CardCollect 1 Clubcard point for every £4 you spend on the Clubcard Credit Card (Must have available credit. 1 point awarded per £4 spent in each purchase transaction (£4 min)).

More info: Tesco Clubcard Credit Card.

To apply, go to

Nectar Credit Card

Nectar Credit CardNectar Credit Card is offered by American Express. After Barclaycard's decision to end its affiliation with the Nectar bonus points scheme, American Express stepped up to bring us the "Nectar Credit Card". This gives you Nectar Points when you shop, and an introductory 5000 points when you first apply and spend £200. You'll get double Nectar points for the first 3 months and up to 4 nectar points for every £1 spent

The card is a rather stylish part-transparent card with chip-and-PIN, and has the usual features you'd expect such as a competitive APR, no annual fee, an online fraud guarantee, and also adds purchase protection (against accidental damage and theft for 90 days).

If you're a Nectar points collector, this is the card for you, even if all you do is take out a card to get the introductory Nectar points.


Barclaycard Breathe - If you want to do your bit for the environment, then consider a Breathe card. Spend on your card and Barclaycard will donate 50% of profits to environmental projects that help reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change. The Breathe card is also more environmentally friendly than current PVC cards, recycled paper is used where necessary (e.g. card carriers, PIN mailers, etc), and you can recycle your cards. An interesting solution, with some handy offers for green users.

Barclaycard - A review of cards wouldn't be complete without paying homage to the most well-known of all the UK cards, the Barclaycard, although sadly this is no longer one of the better value cards around since they left Nectar, The Barclaycard Platinum card offers a range of benefits including good balance transfer offers, identity and fraud protection, purchase delivery protection, text message alerts, and some extra services for travellers. For more, see our Barclaycard page.


Freedom Pre-paid card

Freedom Credit CardThis is a great alternative to a traditional credit card. There's no credit agreement, no contracts, and no credit check. You loads money onto the card, and use it where you see the Mastercard sign. Ideal for those keen not to run up a debt, those with poor credit history, or for parents who want to make sure their student offspring have a controlled amount of cash.

We've put together a brief Freedom Prepaid Card Review

Take a look at what the Freedom Card has to offer at

Egg Credit Card

The Egg card has always been highly recommended, mainly because it has some of the better deals around. Sadly, the 0.5% cashback offer was dropped way back in 2004, although they offer a small cashback on purchases from selected retailers.

More details on our Egg page



Cards No Longer Promoted

  • MBNA Rewards Card

  • Morgan Stanley Credit Cards - We were advocates of this firm's credit cards, until July 2006 when we heard that Morgan Stanley wanted our glowing review to be removed. We'd love to know why - but they haven't told us...


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