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This page was started by one of our contributors when he moved house, and has been expanded with additional information to help home movers, and as a useful reference page for others who are in the process of moving house.


Things to consider:

  • Get your mail redirected. This has to be set up five working days in advance of your move. You'll need to complete a 'Redirection Application Form' , available from your post office (or by calling 0845 7740 740). You can submit the form by post, or at your local Post Office branch. You'll need supply two forms of ID and will need to allow 5 working days for this to be set up. You can select 1 , 3 , 6 or 12 months worth of redirection (and extend if you need to). Costs vary, but as of Jan 2006, a years redirection costs £33.60. Full details and conditions are on the redirection form, or available online at

Top Moving Tips:

  • Take some of the work out by using the services of - They can help by notifying some companies of your new address. Fill in the requested details, and they'll pass the information along. It's FREE

  • Free Business Cards Once you've moved in you'll need to pass on your new address to friends and family. One way of helping with this, is to get some business cards printed. It's worth looking at the special offer of 250 free high-quality colour business cards from Vistaprint. You can choose from a range of designs, and all it will cost you is the post and packing. There's a small ad for Vistaprint on the back (how they make their money on this offer...).
    If you do use Vistaprint, take special care at the end of your order - many of our visitors have found that they have accidentally signed up to the Vistaprint Rewards scheme, which costs £9.95 a month.

  • Moving can have an effect on your credit rating. Check our Be Safe page for information on credit ratings and obtaining a copy of your credit breakdown.

Utility & service companies:

There are the time-sensitive ones, as you may have to take a meter reading, or give suitable advance notice. Remember to inform Gas, Electricity, Water and Sewerage.

Powergen (Gas and Electricity) Can be done online at
London Electricity Phone 08000 969 000 four working days before move, then call with meter reading on the day
Essex and Suffolk Water Can be done online at
Anglian Water (sewerage) Can be done online at
British Telecom Can be done online at Allow at least 5 working days
Equitalk (phone service) Can be done online at
o2 online Can be done online at
Sky TV Call 08702 40 40 40

Tip: When moving, think about switching suppliers for the best deal - see, or our bills page


The Government:

There are a few people that you need to get in touch with:

Council Tax Contact the local council who control the area your moving from, and to
TV licence Can be done by calling 0870 241 6468 or via
Inland Revenue Contact your tax office

Banks & Credit Cards:

It's important that you tell your bank and credit card companies where you're going, so bank cards and statements don't get lost.

American Express Complete the details on the back of the paying in slip, or go to
Barclaycard By phone
Citibank Online via
First Direct By phone or by sending online message
Halifax By phone
Abbey e-saver Prize for the most tedious process goes to Abbey - According to the people I spoke to on 08459 724 724, you have to fax a letter and a utility bill to 01274-369291. Nice.
Lloyds TSB Classic Plus Call the phonebanking team on 0845 072 3333 - they'll post you a form
Egg card Can be done online via


If you own a car or drive, there's a few people that need to know:

AA Breakdown By phone - 0870 5444 444
DVLA Driving licence You are required to send your licence and photocard to the DVLA after having changed the address at the bottom of the paper licence. New licences will be posted to you
DVLA Vehicle Registration Complete the change of address section on the Vehicle Registration Document V5, and return the "Keeper details" (blue section) to the DVLA
Servicing If your garage mail out reminders, a quick call is required.
Car insurance Contact your car insurance broker. Note that changes of address can affect the premium (different postcode areas, where you park your car, etc).

Reward schemes and loyalty cards

For those of us with a wallet full of plastic, don't forget to inform the various reward scheme providers that you've moved. We have a page of information on the main reward schemes out there - check out our Rewards page

Nectar Can be done online at (More on Nectar)
Homebase Spend and Save Instore, or by calling 0870-900 8098
Game Can be done online at
Boots Advantage Online at the following link
WH Smiths Clubcard Not available online. Call 0870 4446444 or email
Tescos See


Other people to tell

Also consider telling the following people:

Your work HR / Personnel will need to know
Magazine Subscriptions

Some useful numbers:

  • IPC Media Ltd 08456 767 778 (TV & Satellite Week and Web User). Can be updated online at
Web stores Such as Amazon
Internet provider Your ISP will need to know (See Internet access)
National lottery Write to: The National Lottery, PO Box 251 Watford Wd1 9GD

Moving's a stressful time - remember to take things easy, think about your priorities, and don't try to tackle too many things at one time...

Best of luck!

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