Barclaycard Information

Barclaycard is probably the most well-known credit card in the UK, but is it still the best deal?
This page take a look at examines the Barclaycard in more detail.

Tesco Clubcard Credit Card

The Barclaycard Platinum card offers a range of benefits including good balance transfer offers, identity and fraud protection, purchase delivery protection, text message alerts, and some extra services for travellers.

More details can be found at

Managing your account online

Once you've got a Barclaycard, you can register for online access to your Barclaycard account at You can register online by entering your card details and answering some security questions. You'll then get the ID number and password needed to log on via the Internet

Sample of online banking
Screenshot of Barclaycard online statement

Barclaycard Online is pretty easy to use, and very clearly laid out. The following tasks can all be done online:

  • Print, view and download a statement (as a CSV file)
  • View recent transactions (that have yet to appear on your statement)
  • View recent events (such as logins or changes you've made to your account)
  • Use a debit card to pay off all or part of your balance
  • Request a new PIN, card or an increased credit limit
  • Change password / memorable information
  • Send an email to an advisor

More details can be found at , or by calling 0870 154 0 154.


FAQ: Barclaycard and Nectar

In 2005, Barclaycard ceased to issue Nectar points on purchases. In our to a card that rewards its customers with cashback.

See our Credit Card section for some ideas on an alternative


FAQ: Closing your account

If you're looking to close your Barclaycard, here's what you need to do:

Cut up your Barclaycard(s) and return them to Barclaycard with a brief covering letter. If you're cancelling due to Barclaycard's withdrawal from Nectar, make sure you mention this in your letter.

The address to write to, is:

Customer Relations Department,
1234 Pavillion Drive,
Nn4 7SG

When you ask to close a Barclaycard account, Barclaycard Customer Services should write to confirm account closure.

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