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Underwear Guide

Our Guide to Underwear and Lingerie Shopping

So you want to purchase some new underwear for your girlfriend, but you're just not sure what all those technical terms mean?

If you don't know your briefs from your thongs, you'll find all you need to know here in our underwear guide.
There is also more than one type of bra... bet you didn't know that!!!

High Legs
French Knickers, Shorts

Knickers (G-Strings) that look like they are t-shaped from the back. Stop us having a VPL. They also look really hot.

Full backed knickers, with part of the bum covered. Like your mum wears...
High Legs
A little like briefs, but ten times more sexy. These come up higher and give a nice shape to the bikini area.
French Knickers
Look like little shorts, and can come figure hugging or loose satin. Lovely to wear on those special occasions.
If you are looking for some great underwear ideas, try
Glamour, gives us that cleavage
Balcony Bra, has a bar under the cups
Basques, corsets or bodys
These are the bras that give us a really good cleavage...
need I say more?
Have a piece of fabric under the cups, and also have a thin strip of material to cover the base of the cleavage.

Thin straps, loose or tight body, this looks very sexy, and is great for wearing throughout the night

Hugging the body, done up by hooks and eyes. Very sexy... especially if teamed with stockings... however, they're not exactly practical.

Online Lingerie and Underwear Shopping
LaSenza Offers

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