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Tiny Gifts that mean so much

If you just want to say "thanks", or just want to show her that you still care about her, consider the tiny things in life. Buy her the CD she wants, send her some flowers, chocolates or maybe get the weekly shopping delivered.

Here are a few ideas of little presents that say so much:

Flowers are always a received gift!
- Get the latest best seller.
CDs - If music be the food of love...
DVD - Get that girlie film, TV program, she'll be quiet for a few hours.
Flowers - You can never go wrong with flowers, unless you are saying sorry... See what they mean.
Tescos - great for everyday food shopping.
M & S - for those extra special food items.
Thornton - Choccie for that unusual treat.
Cadbury Gifts Direct - For that all time favourite chocolate bar.
Findmeagift is a good site for those small little presents.
World Vision Must Have Gifts - For the girl who's got everything.

Tip Tip
If she's had a bad day at work, run her a bath, give her a glass of wine while she soaks and then cook her dinner.

Hot Bear- Great for those period painsBuy the Hot Toasty Bear For your girlfriend, great for her grumpy time of the month!

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