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The Perfect Christmas Present?

So you want to make your girlfriend's Christmas present special? Well, take a look below for a few ideas, some traditional and some more modern.

Diamond-studded Earrings - Jewellery is always a good present, and Christmas is a great time to buy it for the lady in your life. If it's not earrings, try a necklace, bracelet or perhaps a new watch.

Radley PurseRadley Purse - Leather goods are always a good treat. If not a purse, try a handbag, credit card holder, or even a really special mobile phone holder.

DVD - Get her favourite film from the Summer, you can go down the pub and leave her indoors with a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine all snuggled up on the sofa.

CL75 Poppy Phone For a more contemporary gift, get her a PDA or perhaps a MP3. There is also the Siemens Cl75 Poppy Phone - the only phone with a built in mirror! She'll love showing to her friends!

If you are not convinced by any of the above try John Lewis it's a great all round store for those extra little presents.

If you are looking to spend a certain amount, try the Christmas Gift Price Checker.

Q-be MP3
MP3 Player - 120 Songs on the tip of the finger

The worst thing about Christmas, is all the organising, shopping and trying to keep everyone happy. Help sort Christmas, take her to New York, so you can get all the presents early.


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