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Advice on finding that perfect gift

Take a look below for the perfect gift, whether it be for Christmas, a Birthday, Valentines, Anniversary, Mothers Day, or just a surprise this gift guide will help you get that perfect present.


Engagement RingsAre you just about to propose to your girlfriend? Well you know what they say, a engagement ring should cost a months salary.

If you want a good range try Goldsmiths engagement rings.


Flower 2 Send You can go for the traditional present, such as chocolates, flowers , DVD, Cds or even a book. She will be happy with them, but the best way to use them, is as a backup for another present, or a tiny treat.

Use them as a surprise, or to cheer her up if she's busy at work, or feeling under the weather.


Flower, by KenzoPerfume is a lovely little treat to purchase for your loved one. Try Fragrance Direct, or for a bargain, take a look at Cheap Smells.

Luxury underwear is another gift that will make her feel special all day. There are many different types of lingerie, so to find out more, take a glance at our underwear guide.


iPod NanoYou can never go wrong by buying your girl the latest MP3 player, try the iPod Nano.

Or there's always a new mobile phone, take a look at what's on offer at Carphone Warehouse and pick her up a stylish new mobile.


Hot BearMost girls like a soft cuddly bear, even if its just one special little animal. Try the Hot Toasty Bear... a cuddly Ted with a warming inside. It's great for those cold winter nights, or for the time of the month.

On the subject of cuddly things, a lovely new bedspread is also worth considering, to give a luxury feel to her bed.


Jewellery is a great luxury gift. The ultimate special gift is a set of diamond earrings, but if you can't quite Earrings by Jeff Banksafford to fork out for expensive diamonds, try the new Jeff Banks Jewellery line, a well designed range that won't break the bank.

A new watch is another good gift that doesn't have to cost the earth. You can get a good watch for a couple of hundred pounds.

Leather Goods

Yes, this is the one us ladies like! If you are brave, you can get your lady a new handbag, purse or organiser. A few Radley Handbagtips... go for black as it's an all round colour, and try to get either a very small bag or a nice streamlined bag that she can get a magazine in.

Never go for a sensible bag that your mother would use, unless it's Prada....

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