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Gifts for the Home

It's usually not a good idea to buy the one you love anything for her home... She may feel you want her to stay in and do the housework - but if you do it right, you can get away with it.

For instance give her some vouchers that will allow her to redo her front room or bedroom, but don't forget to offer to do the DIY.

Relaxing Candles
Buy her a new TV or dishwasher. It must be the latest technology, and don't forget you will get the benefit it from it yourself. If you are looking for something smaller, purchase her some aromatherapy candles or a really nice art print or poster print for her bedroom.

If you want to be in her good books for a long time, you could always pay for a cleaner to go in once/twice a month... It shouldn't set you back too much.

Heals - They offer a wide range of contemporary, stylish home products.

Homebase- For all round DIY supplies.

Laura Ashley. - Not just country house flowers, Laura Ashley are bang up-to-date with both their furniture and household accessories. She'll love a bedspread or a cushion or two.

The Conran Shop - Funky stuff for the home!!

World Gallery - Huge collection of home artwork and prints
Chic Rooms

Send her to a Health Farm for a weekend treat, and then redecorate her home. Ask her friends for some decorating ideas.

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