Where is the Equity, Regis, CPM, Johnson Cooper Forum?

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If you've found this page, you may well be looking for the discussion forum for customers of various property management companies, trading with the following names:

Equity Asset Management, Mount Street Holdings, Pier Management, Regis, Regisport, CPM, Johnson Cooper or Erinaceous Group


For a number of years, the ConsumerDeals website ran a forum for customers of some of the property companies mentioned above. In July 2004, Equity Asset Management's parent company at the time, Mount Street Holdings, threatened legal action against our Internet Service Provider. After the forum was closed down, ConsumerDeals could not continue with the forum, however a number of residents grouped together and reformed the forum on a brand new site.

The story continues:

Forum back online after another legal threat. It seems that the forum listed above was forced offline by parent company Erinaceous Group plc, but is now back online.
We understand that on 19th June 2006, FreePgs, the ISP hosting the Equity Forum received a communication from Juliet Bellis & Co, Solicitors.
We've been told that the message announced that they were acting on behalf of their client Erinaceous Group plc and its subsidiary companies Dunlop Haywards, Harman Healy, Mount Street Holdings, Johnson Cooper, Equity Asset Management, CPM, Regis and Pier Management. We understand that the forced closure of the forum relates to an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office into Dunlop Haywards, a subsidiary of the Erinaceous Group. Try a Google Search for the story. As the forum has no doubt been a source of considerable embarrassment to these companies, Erinaceous are probably pleased to have silenced this outlet for complaints from their customers, even if it was only for a short time.

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The History of the Consumerdeals Equity forum

Work for the company? If you work for one of the companies we've mentioned, please pass on to the management team that we've love to reinstate our forum - we're happy to allow your customers to use our forum to discuss property issues, and to help you to conduct your business with honest feedback from your customers. Please get in touch - we'd welcome the chance to restart our forum.
An open letter In January 2005, we asked Johnson Cooper, the new owners of Equity Asset Management, through an open letter on our site, about the reinstatement of our forum. No response.
Petition censored 09 Aug 2004: It seems that Mount Street's solicitors have been trying to remove the petition by threatening Pipex, to get the petitionthem.com site suspended! Please show your support (while you still can): Equity Petition
Petition started
01 Aug 2004: Unhappy with having your views censored by Equity and MSH? Please show your support
New forum 17 Jul 2004: Details of a new forum for customers of Equity & Regis, can be found on the following external link
Mailing List 16 Jul 2004: From your mails, we realise that some of you no longer have access to important information from our old forum. Please join the mailing list for latest developments.
Forced to close On the 9th of July 2004, solicitors under instruction from Equity Asset Management's parent company, Mount Street Holdings plc, formally served notice on our Internet Service Provider, Simply.com that over 800 messages dating back one year, must be removed from Simply's servers. We understand the reason for this action is that one message thread relating to Andrew Zahn's past, was allegedly defamatory. Other instances of messages by customers were also cited as being damaging to the reputation of Mount Street Holdings plc, Equity Asset Management Limited, CPM Asset Management Limited, Pier Management Limited and Regis Group plc. The removal of 61 messages posted by Andy Zahn, the former CEO of Mount Street Holdings, was also requested.

Until recently, Mount Street Holdings plc has been a welcome and active participant in our forum, responding to the concerns raised by their customers. We are therefore puzzled by Mount Street Holdings' sudden desire to have the messages removed, including messages from their own Chief Executive to their customers. They have not contacted us directly about this matter.

ConsumerDeals would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused to our visitors by Equity's actions against us. We're sorry that Equity Asset Management and their parent company Mount Street Holdings plc, have to resort to legal action to silence the views of their customers who wish to speak their minds.

This site is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, Erinaceous, Johnson Cooper, Mount Street Holdings, Regis / Equity / MAS / Pier Management or associated companies. Consumerdeals cannot be held responsible for any comments posted to this site. Some links on this page redirect to external sites - we have no control over content on such sites. Please refer to our disclaimer for information on site content and removal of inaccurate or inappropriate content.

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