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Information on Johnson Cooper Ltd - the property firm that acquired Equity Asset Management in January 2005


On January 12th 2005, Equity Asset Management's parent company Mount Street Holdings plc announced that it had sold Equity to Johnson Cooper Ltd. Following an article on BBC's Watchdog in November 2004, Mount Street Holdings made a public reference to the fact that they would "closely monitor the customer service situation at Equity " and may take "appropriate and decisive action" to ensure their standards are not "compromised by Equity Asset Management". Disposal of the company two months later would seem to represent such action.

In November 2005, Johnson Cooper acquired by Erinaceous Group plc. More

Contact details:

Phoenix House
Christopher Martin Road
Essex SS14 3EZ
Tel: 01268-706600 (or 0870 321 0870)
Fax: 01268-706689

Registered address: Rutland House, 90-92 Baxter Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 6HZ

Directors: Grant Cooper.

When formed in January 2005, the directors were listed as Grant Cooper and Stephen B Johnson (Mr Johnson was formerly of Boyd Johnson Ltd, then CPM, which was later acquired by MSH). It's understood that Stephen Johnson resigned in March 2005, although this has not been officially confirmed.

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