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Southend-on-Sea based Pier Management was formed in March 2003. Their area of responsibility, according to Tony Dean, Equity Asset Management's Managing Director, is to manage freehold blocks consisting of eight units or less. They reportedly gained responsibility for the management of several thousand properties from April 2003.

Equity Asset Management, M.A.S and Regis appear to have a reputation spanning several years, and a list of very unsatisfied customers - Equity has been featured on BBC's Watchdog in 2003 and 2004. See our Equity comments page for some examples.

Equity claims that "Equity Asset Management has neither changed its name, or is connected with Pier Management", however, the following appears to be true:

  • The names of their directors Nicholas Charles Gould and Peter Edward Gould, are identical to the names of the directors of Equity Asset Management Holdings Limited, Regis Group PLC and Regisport Ltd.
  • Their address at Companies house matches the registered address for Equity / Regisport.
  • The address for Pier's Company Secretary is that of Equity Asset Management's office
  • They appear to share the same auditors, Rickard Keen

We asked both Equity and Pier to explain this back in April 2003, in the event we ever get a response, we'll add it here.

Jul 2004 - Mount Street Holdings shuts down our Pier Management forum (proving a connection), forcing the removal of over 800 messages from customers and staff.


Contact Details:

Pier Management Ltd.,
PO Box 5640,

Phone: 01702 310415
Fax: 01702 310414

Pier Management (registered address)
c/o Rickard Keen Auditors

9 Nelson Street

Pier Management Company Secretary
c/o Equity Asset Management
16-18 Warrior Square
email address:
Web address:

Management Team:

Directors: Nicholas Charles Gould and Peter Edward Gould

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