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Regis building, Southend-on-SeaRegis Group, Regis Direct and Equity Asset Management are the common names for an Essex-based property management company that seems to have something of a reputation among its customers and business partners.

Run from offices in Warrior Square in Southend-on-Sea, the company has undergone more than it's fair share of name-changes. It is renowned among visitors to this site for evading answering straight questions, providing unsatisfactory customer service and not being overly open about how its operation works.

This page is intended to provide some information on the companies and their aliases, as well as providing contact information, and a forum for customers to have their say on the company's performance.

MSH shuts down Regis forum. Latest

For the latest on Equity Asset Management, see the news page. Also, see the Equity & Regis forum

Nov 2004: Equity featured on BBC Watchdog AGAIN.

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