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Mount Street Holdings PLC was formed in October 2003 - Prior to that, it was known as Equity Asset Management Holdings Limited. In 2003 and 2004, they operated as the parent company for Essex-based Equity Asset Management Ltd, and Hertfordshire-based CPM.

Judging by the feedback we've received from site visitors, and the two BBC Watchdog features into companies owned by MSH plc, some of these companies seem to have something of a reputation, and a list of very unsatisfied customers.

Mount Street Holdings was acquired by Erinaceous Group plc in November 2005. More


Equity Asset Management: "catalogue of negligence" , "threatening letters" , "bring promises not action"...
Watchdog Extract 2004 Andrew Zahn, MSH Watchdog Extract 2004 Watchdog Extract 2004
Extracts from BBC Watchdog November 2004


The story is a tough one to follow - Mound Street Holdings plc assumed responsibility for Equity Asset Management (who in turn were known as Regis / Regisport). MSH also acquired Corporate Property Management (CPM) in Hertfordshire.

Following a couple of reports on BBC Watchdog (2003 and 2004), MSH sold Equity to Johnson Cooper, but still retain CPM. They also control Spring Grove, who are responsible for various social housing projects, Associated Insurance Services, CPM Lettings, Hertford Company Secretaries, Spring Grove Property Maintenance plc and Francis Maintenance.

Confused yet? Despite the various renames and acquisitions, the names of the managers and directors in general seem very familiar, with many of the names going back to the early days of Southend-based firms MAS and Regisport.

Our involvement with MSH? For a number of years, We provided a free forum for customers of Equity, Regis, CPM and some of the other subsidiary companies. The forum attracted a lot of interest from customers of Equity and CPM. By mid-2004, the forum contained over 800 postings from customers (admittedly, mostly complaints about the service they were receiving). MSH/Equity's staff and management were also active in the forum. In until July 2004, Mount Street Holdings plc decided that enough was enough, and in an effort to remove the unwanted bad publicity, their Chief Executive hired a firm of London solicitors to shut down the forum.

Legal action by Mount Street Holdings plc forced our forum to shut down


The following companies are known to be affiliates with MSH plc: Equity Asset Management, CPM, Associated Insurance Services, CPM Lettings, Hertford Company Secretaries, Spring Grove Property Maintenance plc and Francis Maintenance.

Mount Street Holdings plc contact details:


123 Sloane Street, London, SW1X 9BW Tel: 0207 512 0900
Fax: 0207 512 2300

Other addresses:
1 Mount Street Mews, Mayfair, London W1K 2LF

MSH Management Team:

Group Operations Director: Paul Ingram
Managing Director: Antony Dean
Company Secretary: James Alan Pearson
Directors: Nicholas Charles Gould and Peter Edward Gould

Note that following the BBC Watchdog feature in November 2004, Chief Executive Officer Andrew J Zahn (the individual responsible for the threatened legal action against us) resigned as a director of Mount Street Holdings plc.

Thanks go to Andy Zahn, the former Chief Executive Officer at MSH, for providing us with the following information about MSH, back in 2004:

"The parent of Equity Asset Management LTD changed its name from Manage Administer and Supervise LTD, Equity Asset Management Holdings LTD. As the company embarked on in fixing it legacy issues, it acquired several more healthy companies that did not share some of the historical problems Equity faced and did not with to brand them with the Equity name.
Hence the name Mount Street Holdings PLC was born, as it acquired a number of other companies, CPM being one of them. Unlike the past those management teams where not merged with Equity Asset Management, and they all function as stand alone entities. "


Mount Street Holdings Limited has asked us to point out that they are in no way associated with Mount Street Holdings plc.


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