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The Erinaceous Group provides a range of services to property clients, in the areas of residential and commercial property, and property insurance. The firm employs over 2,500 employees. For more information, see their Hemscott listing.

In November 2005, a number of property firms that have long been the subject of discussion and speculation by visitors to the ConsumerDeals site, were sold to Erinaceous - including Mount Street Holdings plc, CPM Residential Asset Management, CPAM Commercial Property Asset Management, Vita Insurance and Spring Grove Maintenance.

It would appear that the following companies are subsidiaries of Erinaceous Group plc and its subsidiary companies Dunlop Haywards, Harman Healy, Mount Street Holdings, Johnson Cooper, Equity Asset Management, CPM, Regis and Pier Management (Source: Juliet Bellis Solicitors Jun 06).

Websters dictionary defines Erinaceous as meaning 'hedgehog-like'. Its definition of a hedgehog begins with the words "Relatively large rodents".

In The News:

  • June 2006 - Spring Grove Property Maintenance boss faces criminal charges - More
  • June 2006 - Erinaceous calls in the solicitors to shut down forum - More
  • March 2006 - Serious Fraud Office swoops on Erinaceous subsidiary Dunlop Haywards - More / More
  • Nov 2004 - Equity Asset Management / Mount Street Holdings featured in BBC Watchdog - More

Where do we fit in? Several years ago, ConsumerDeals worked closely with a number of residents, to create some web content outlining unhappiness with Southend-on-Sea firm Regisport - A number of changes happened to that company over the years, involving the company changing name / splitting / merging, etc. Our site tracked those changes, and created a discussion forum for customers to have their say - this was called The Equity Forum (after then-parent company Equity Asset Management). The forum was a busy place for discussion of all things related to property management of Equity, Regis and M.A.S properties. Equity was subsequently acquired by London-based Mount Street Holdings.

By mid-2004, the forum contained over 800 postings from customers (admittedly, mostly complaints about the service they were experiencing). MSH/Equity's staff and management were also active in the forum. In until July 2004, Mount Street Holding decided that enough was enough, and their Chief Executive, Andrew Zahn, hired a firm of London solicitors to shut down the forum. In November 2004, during a piece on BBC's Watchdog consumer programme, it was announced that Andrew Zahn was to resign as a director. The forum subsequently reappeared, "under new management" and no longer a part of ConsumerDeals, and you can find more information on the forum here.

Mount Street Holdings including CPM, then London-based Mount Street Holdings. Shortly after the second Watchdog piece was shown on BBC1, Mount Street Holdings sold Equity Asset Management in January 2005, to Johnson Cooper. In November 2005, Erinaceous announced the takeover of Mount Street Holdings, and a number of associated companies. Johnson Cooper has now been acquired by Erinaceous.

As a service to customers of the firms referred to on this page, our site continues to provide information and links relating to these firms. We also have a mailing list for discussion of changes affecting residential customers.


Info on Erinaceous:

Directors: Nigel Turnbull (Chairman), Neil Bellis (Chief Executive), Michael Pearson (Finance Director)

Main telephone: 0870 703 9898


Address: Erinaceous Group plc, Phoenix House, 11 Wellesley Road, Croydon CR0 2NW

Solicitors: Juliet Bellis & Co., of Croydon (Responsible for closure of the independent Equity Forum in June 2006)


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