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“Do you love anyone enough to give them your last rolo?”

That’s the theme here in the office today, as we’ve been discussing what we believe to be one of the greatest advertising slogans of our time. So simple, but so effective.

OK – We admit it – This isn’t a consumer deal as such, but it’s a quiet day in the office, and one of our site visitors pointed us in the direction of something very nostalgic that we’d like to share with you.

It’s a classic TV ad from days gone by, when life was simple. Click on the following, and enjoy:


If you’re feeling in a nostalgic mood, send this clip on to the one you love, and see if it makes them smile!

The advertising slogan is actually a great example of a very simple marketing idea – the concept of “the last rolo” being in some way special was a stroke of genius, and we’re hoping that the creative that came up with the concept retired happy.

The slogan’s now nearly 30 years old, and according to a piece in Campaign Magazine in 2003, the “last rolo” concept was too soppy, and a more edgy campaign was needed, although it’s still a surprisingly well remembered concept, and it’s helped cement the rolo in people’s minds. Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Pringle? Smartie? Just doesn’t work, does it?

Today’s Rolo

Rolos are now produced by the Nestlé Rowntree group, and it’s amazing what you learn by getting diverted and doing online research. Did you know that the humble tube of Rolos was subject of a Watchdog investigation in 1995, when Nestlé Rowntree dropped the tube’s contents from 11 to 10 choccies (cue the “who nabbed the last rolo” jokes)? Or that the bastion of all that’s true, Wikipedia, refers to the Rolo as a “frustum-shaped chocolate” that’s not unlike a shallow inverted bucket? Rolo cupcakes are available in certain supermarkets, and two of the team here have fond memories of the Rolo McFlurry at McDonalds – there’s even talk here of petitioning Maccy D’s to bring back the rolo.

My Last Rolo StuffAlthough the “last rolo” slogan has been dropped, it’s still a generally-accepted measurement of love for one’s partner, and we have discovered that the slogan is alive and well as far as personal gifts go. With Valentine’s Day not far away, it seems that there’s quite a market in “last rolo” merchandise, and if you’re looking for a creative gift for this year, a choccie-themed one mught win you some brownie points.

If you’re romantically-minded, you can pick up a silver, gold, or diamond rolo for the love of your life, or alternatively, a “last rolo” for your partner’s charm bracelet. If you’re taken by the idea of saying it with rolos, instead of a traditional bunch of flowers appeals this year, go to , where you can see a range of branded goodies, plus links to the full range of rolo TV ads.

There you go – an interesting diversion for the afternoon – We’re now about to send one of the team here out on the hunt for a few tubes of caramel goodness – in the name of research, you understand!

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