Log of unsolicited phone calls

Nuisance Calls IconOn this page, you’ll find a log of unwanted phone calls that members of our team have received. All of our team have their phone numbers logged with the Telephone Preference Service to try to stop getting unwanted or nuisance phone calls:

0141 236 2790 - We've had multiple calls once or twice a day from this number. This seems to be Kwik Fit Insurance trying to sell car insurance. They apparently got our number after performing an annual service on our car.

How to stop getting nuisance calls:


The first step is to register your phone and mobile phone numbers with the Telephone Preference Service. The service is free. Register online at www.tpsonline.org.uk/tps

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One thought on “Log of unsolicited phone calls

  1. I am so fed up with nuisance phone calls from offshore call centres at all hours of the day and night, the gov says they can do nothing because the call centres are abroad…so I have started a petition on the govs partition page, suggesting they should pass a law so that they can fine any UK registered companies prohibitively if they use foreign call centres for nuisance calls. Without UK companies using their services, foreign based nuisance calls should quickly disappear. I need just five people’s support to get the petition published …..copy and paste this link to sign the petition:

    My petition is: To stop UK reg companies making offshore nuisance calls.
    Millions suffer from daily unsolicited phone calls from obviously foreign call centres, the government says the centres are beyond their area of control, however they can control and heavily fine UK registered companies that use these nightmare call centres to spread psychological misery in the UK

    Once it is published on the gov’s petitions page, it needs 100,000 supporters to get questions asked in parliament, so it’s all in your hands….over to you!

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