Vprewards.com on your credit card?

Finding strange amounts of £9.95 that you weren’t expecting debited to your credit card in the name: Vprewards.Com 0845 26 1100Gbr ?

This is from VistaPrint Rewards, and you probably accidentally signed up to their VistaPrint Rewards service, perhaps when ordering free business cards from VistaPrint. We found this, and are still having problems getting a refund.

Our suggestion is to send a fax to: 0870 143 2344 , or an email to enquiries@membersavings.co.uk. You can also ring 0845 026 1100. We did this, and were promised a refund. Instead of a refund, we got further regular monthly debits.

Update 09 September 2010: This site is aware that a formal complaint has been made by Adaptive Affinity Limited of Edgware relating to this entry.

We understand that the complaint indicates that, according to Adaptive Affinity, this post contains information that is “simply untrue and no proof is offered to validate these claims.”

ConsumerDeals has reviewed copies of correspondence, credit card statements and a recording of a telephone conversation that appears to support of the statements made in this post by our contributor back in 2007. In the interests of openness and transparency, we are happy to provide the aforementioned proof. This material can be found here: Adaptive Affinity Complaint.

A formal response has been issued to our Hosting Provider today.

Additionally, we would like to draw our visitor’s attention to a post made on this page by a representative from Adaptive Affinity Ltd in response to the issues raised here by many of our site visitors: Comment from Adaptive Affinity Ltd

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210 thoughts on “Vprewards.com on your credit card?

  1. I have just found a debit of £9.95 on my statement. i told them that I did not want to subscribe by email. I am furious. I will get on to Amazon who included their card in their mailing. maddened

  2. Hi. The same thing happend to me. £9.95 was taken out of my account after I’d received some free businss cards (paid postage only.

    Rang my bank who gave me vprewards number. 0800 028 8251.

    Spoke to them and they said I’d requested membership which I hadn’t! Said they’d refund the money in 2 days. The cheek of it.
    During the many many pages of waffle during ordering the cards, there was obviously a small box which you have to either tick/untick to not become a member but it must be so small that it’s unnoticeable. It’s wrong that these companies can unknowingly gain revenue from unsuspecting people and have £1000’s of innocent peoples money making interest in their accounts while we have to go through costly phonecalls etc to redeem back our monies that they’ve taken off us for stuff that we didn’t order.

    Also beware, when you dial the 0800 number, you are faced with a series of options all spoken in an American accent so presumably the company’s based in America so DONT use your mobile to contact them.

    I will check if my payment has been returned, if not my bank will look into this.

    Also MADDENED.

  3. i have been charged 9.99 two times every day since may and i have contact the bank they have refun me the money but they seem not to be able to stop them if you have aNY SUGESTIONS PLEASE GIVE THEM TO ME YOU CAN CALL ME ON 07947483126 VITOR

  4. I to have had 3 debits taken from my credit card account allegedly because I agreed to these payemnst when I bought busines cards online from Vistaprint. [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] as I never did agree to this. I have been promised a refund and I wait to see what will happened. The VP rewards representative gave his name as |Ben and said that thier addrss was at P.O.Box 587 Edgware Middlesex HA8 4DX. The contact telephoen number is 0845 6722002

  5. I am so glad I found this post!! I have had 3 debits on my card for £9.95 from “VPREWARDS.COM”,even after phoning the number and going through the automated system for cancelling.I had no idea who it was,the number doesn’t tell you!!
    I am furious,I definatley didn’t sign anything by accident,I will phone my bank tommorow,and now I will try request a refund,but by the sounds of it,not easy.
    How many more un-suspecting people are out there??
    Won’t be using them for cards again!

  6. I bought some business cards from vista print back in march and on my statement i had two lots of £9.95 come out eavh month I emailed them and said i never signed up for this and requested a refund however only got one lot refunded, now when i try to claim i can’t log in as i don’t know my password!

  7. i have paid these [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] £9.95 four times, i phoned my bank and they told me to contact vista print and ask for a refund, i did this and they have promised me to pay it back within 7 to 10 days the bank said to contact them if they dont pay it back and they will freeze my card to stop the payment to them

  8. I purchased free cards last month and just noticed a £9.95 debit from my account. I think I will cancel my card. I have asked for a refund and to close my Vista account. [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10]
    Not many honest company’s set up thier legal affairs in Bermuda

  9. i am on hold right now waiting for some results…. person on phone said i must have unticked a box offering refunds for 10$ a month membership fee…very sharp practice!! will cancel my credit card today if i dont get any joy. credit card co said they cant block the transactions. anon

  10. Can any of us take further action on this (ie Vistaprint)? I followed the trail and rang the membership services number and ‘cancelled’ membership. I was told by ‘Lesley’ that the memebership would be cancelled immediately and that I would be given a refund for the past two months. I said I wanted it all back!!!

    Apparently you are supposed to be entitled to discounts on Marks and Spence, Boots, Comet online shopping! News to me!

    And how come they can take payment from your card so that it appears on your statment as a card payment?

    This has to stop – does anybody have any legal contacts? I know that they will say that when you complete te survey, you sign up but there must be a loophole for us honest fools who have been caught out! Maz

  11. Yes me too! I have had 4 debits of £9.95 from my account and didn’t know what they were for. My partner had ordered some free business cards back in April and unwittingly agreed to a months free trial, apparently they send you an email offering one months free trial then you have to unsubscribe within 30 days if you do not wish to continue with the membership which is £9.95/month. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to claim a refund as the email was sent to an email account my partner set up for his DJing which he no longer uses and can’t remember the password, so I can’t check to see what was in the email. The free phone number is based in America so you need to ring during office hours (America time) but the number I have just used to cancel our membership is 08456 722 002 and is a UK office.

  12. I ordered business cards from vistaprint and a year later have still had amounts taken from my bank account – £9.95 a month – have cancelled whatever it was they say i signed up to (which I did NOT) but will now take it as far as I can. this is an absolute scam.

  13. on hold to vp right now and where is the call?? hopefully not Bermuda. missed it on credit card since May. Thsy promised to refund all in next 2days. (then I asked her where I was calling and she said…. Jamaica. eek… on my mobile!!)

  14. Dont B taken in with free this and free that,nothing is free today as I have found out to my own cost.And to try and cancell ones member ship is an impossibility,what whit automated answer messages,what has happened to the human voice and personal touch.
    A Dissgrunteled customer

  15. I found my self in the same mess. Banks cant do anything and even if you cancel your card you are not safe.

    all i can say is bug the company until it is cancelled. Theres no other way so far.


  16. Yet another victim. I have had two payments of £9.95 deducted from my credit card without my consent or knowledge. I did not subscribe to anything from this [Word removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] company. I did however order a “free” item several months ago and paid £3.25 for postage WITH MY CREDIT CARD which is how they obtained my details. This scam must be stopped. I have found it virtually impossible to get a refund and am on the verge of giving up. I have cancelled my credit card completely. I do not want a new one so hopefully this will prevent them stealing any more money from me. I have also contacted Watchdog, Martin Lewis and my local Trading Standards Office so hopefully this [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] can be ended sooner rather than later.

  17. Hi there, I have been debited with 2 amounts one of 9.90 and another of 29.90.
    My credit card company have told me to pay the amounts and have assured me they will get the matter resolved. At no stage did I sign up to any offers and hand over a blanket direct debit mandate. The card company have also stopped HighStreetMax.com taking any further payments.

  18. i also with many others had ‘free’ items from vista print, i had a number of direct debits from Vprewards, and also from dldguide.com, amounting to £73.31. i immediatly spoke to my bank and cancelled everything i also will inform the bank not to let any amounts to go out to any of these companies,sorry to hear of all the other people being scammed but at least together we can fight them!!

  19. i have been sniched 2 . 4 same amount twice .dose any 1 no how 2 stop it. i called them and they said 2 me ok i will cancle and money returnd in 48 hours mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. then i called my bank and they say the only thing they can do is give them there 48 hours if not returnd call them once more and if they say the same again u have to tell them ur bank is ging 2 put a fraud report in . now i have to wait and c what happens …………….HELP ME ANY1 PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  20. I have just discovered I have been robbed by Vistaprint. I read the posts here and phoned the 08456 722002 number and got through. They say they will refund 1 payment, I won’t hold my breath. My bank says they can’t stop the payments so I suggest we all change our card numbers.
    Good luck everyone.

  21. Hi,
    I’ve just heard from my bank that even if I change my card number, as it’s visa the company can still claim money on the original number. If you manage to contact Vistaprint and cancel the payments and they still take money, then your bank can take action. I think I will take this to the press.

  22. hi i am another unlucky one three times so far at £9.95 each time .my husband got some :free buisness cards: i have been getting debits from my bank account but only just workrd out who it was going to so far no joy in getting through they just say all lines are busy help anyone paula

  23. How To cancel
    You should have had a email from vista, telling you your membership number at around the same time as your order. you need this number and your post code.

    This is the email that I recivied from Vista after I had placed my order, which I keep in a folder on my PC.
    The last part is the information that you require for cancellation of the rewards programe, if thay still charge you after you have canceled it, then you can inform your bank who will refund your money, as it would have been an unauthorized payment, but please keep ALL confirmation emails, just incase you need then at a later date, I keep mine for a year..just incase!

    Dear ?????????????

    You currently have a membership with VistaPrint Rewards SM , which gives you access to incredible savings at many of the UK’s favourite retailers and service providers. You can save £££’ in Homebase, Boots, Virgin Megastores and JJB just to mention a few. And best of all, you have immediate access to all your money-saving benefits.

    You can access all of your fantastic benefits online at: http://www.vprewards.com

    If you are completely satisfied with VistaPrint Rewards and want to continue saving; simply do nothing and your access to great discounts will automatically continue.


    If you wish to terminate your membership simply login to http://www.vprewards.com with your member ID and postal code and click on the “My Account” link. Select “Membership Status” and follow the instructions on the website.

    This does work as I have used it.

    Good luck.

  24. you can go into your account details and press help at the bottom of the page then look for what are vp rewards and you an cancel from there

  25. Please help.. i tried the above methods to get cancel this crap and i cant find the link
    ‘membership statuts’ anywhere i’ve tried to click everywhere on the entire screen! i then went into ‘help’ and i just tell me to click this mysterious memberhip statuts link that i cannot find!
    please help.. i am a fellow scam-ee

  26. I have just discovered that two payments have been take from my credit card for £9.95 from VPREWARDS.com. Recently I purchased business cards and T shirts from Visaprint and I unknowingly must have ticked a box to get future discounts, this is what triggered the payments of the same credit card that I used for my purchases. I finally got hold of a lady called Donna Robinson on 08000288251 she has promised to cancel my rewards program and refund my 2 payments. My credit card company are investigating my complaint and will not allow payments again until they report back to me. Wish me Luck

  27. Debit no. 5 about to be taken from my credit card. Numerous emails to VPrewards, several calls and letters later, my credit company have stated much the same. Today I was given the tel number 0800 0288251 so I have just been speaking to them. I have been given assurance that my cancellation will be dealt with immediately but will take up to 5 days to go through. I will be receiving back 9.95 for each month since my purchase of invitations back in June. These credits may not show for the next 2 statements. My fingers are tightly crossed! (The person I spoke to informed me that one disgruntled customer had recently been fully reimbursed a years worth of membership fees!)

  28. I have found that some crowd called DLDGUIDE.COM have taken from my Credit Card account the sums of £5.95 and £67.73 which I consider to be theft.
    I did not order anything, I did not receive anything and the only people I have divulged my Credit Card number to is Amazon.
    How do I recoup this? Are these the same people as Vprewards? Although a pensioner,I am not overly concerned as I believe the people who do this will get whats coming to them. No one escapes!

  29. I’ve just gone through my bank statement to find that a card payment of £9.95 has been taken by vprewards.com. If I do not get my money back then threatening vistaprint with public humilition might be the next option. I might contact Watchdog. They operate in a very underhanded manner. I am usually very careful about looking out for these ‘traps’ when making purchases and it looks like vp have managed to catch me out. NOT HAPPY! I’ll bet they are not adhering to regulations and trading standards would prob. be interested in the means and ways that vp operate. Anyway, I shall be contacting vp tomorrow to see what they say and will expect my stolen funds to be returned. Free business cards my [Expletive Deleted]!

  30. You are wasting your time contacting Watchdog – they just don’t seem interested in investigating this scam which it would seem has been going on now for quite a few YEARS and nothing or no-one has done or is able to do, anything about it. I contacted my local trading standards office who were helpful but got the same response as my bank which was YOU SUBSCRIBED TO A REWARDS SCHEME and therefore they are unable to stop payments being “stolen” from your account. Despite having no knowledge of subscribing to this scheme and looking at all the forums and the hundreds of people who have been scammed and are being scammed on a daily basis, it is highly unlikely that we all inadvertently “subscribed” to this scheme. [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] This company are [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10]. If anyone can stop them I would love to know WHO and better still WHEN???

  31. I had the same problem – two (so far) deductions of £9.95. All this AFTER I unsubscribed, following weeks of endless mail-shots clogging up my mail box. What the hell is Aamazon doing dealing with these guys? They are very slick but are pissing off a lot of good Amazon customers. Have been promised an email confirming I would get a full refund with 7-10 days.
    Have just got one – “thanking me for my order”. Thanks “Terry” [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10]. Time to reach for the lawyers….

  32. I to had 2 similar amounts taken from my account £9.95. I have just contacted them on 080002882513 and I am apparantly going to get an e-mail within 24hours confirming cancellation of this sham and the money will be refunded to my account. Watch this space!!!!!!!

  33. I ordered some free business cards in November 06 prior to travelling overseas for several months. I have now returned and find a total of £121.40 deducted – without my permission or a direct debit agreement – from my account since Dec 06 (£9.95 per month until this month’s Visa statement for which the amount has increased from to £11.95. I have cancelled my ‘membership’ (luckily having kept all emails from the company) and am awaiting a refund, though by the sounds of it, that may be some time in coming. I just feel like a mugged mug!

  34. hi folks

    i am embarassed to say that i have not been checking my credit card statements untill tonight, only to find that some [Expletive deleted following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] has been taking money without my permission just because i bought some cards[ not free ones]
    i am a barrister in england…
    please contact me through this page… lets see if we can stop this crime

  35. You won’t be able to stop these [Word removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] because apparently it’s LEGAL – so they say. I wish someone could put an end to their [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] but after quite a few years of this scam no-one seems able to. It would be fantastic if YOU could!!

  36. Just seen a debit on my statment for £64.07p by DLDGUIDES.COM ?????
    Was immediately concerned as I don’t know the name, so googled it and am even more concerned now having seen these posts. Help! Can anyone advise what to do?

  37. Well looks like i am also a statistic, i noticed this VPREWARDS for ages but thought itwas affiliated to my virgin gym / card, seems not and 9.95 has been taken out my account for over 2 yrs !!! I cant help but giggle, i have called them and managed to get 3 months back, i will not be stopping there though. I will make this my new yeards resolution to nail these [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10]. I have emailed everyone i know and also about to post to facebook etc, this is madness. I have no recollection of signing anything for this service, i feel we are not alone, the lady on the phone seemed to have an answer for everything i asked…

    Anyone have any ideas how to stop this and notify others?

  38. I also have had three payments taken out! Tried without luck so far to contact the various telephone numbers I have found via this blog! Like many others will NEVER use Vistaprint again!! When I get any refund – I will add details here! Anon.

    Company No. 05493004

  40. just by chance i came acroos this web page after looking at my bank statments and realizing i been scammed from my account. i just want to say thanks to everyone on this page. i read every comment and the advice given varied and gave me many options. Here is what i did. i phoned the freephone number for vprewards 0800 028 8251. explained and cancelled the account. that i never knew about with the promise of a closed account and a refund x 2. Then i phoned the bank and told them and they will investigate. i have not stopped my card. as the bank wants to see if it happens again. if it does in feb 08. the bank are now aware of the fraud issue and will phone the company direct. If no refund from vprewards, the bank will pay all my losses back. i hope this helps anyone. But again it was only by chance i went over my statements. vistaprint was used once and this is what you get. they are [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10].

  41. I too have been scammed. I contacted my bank instantly (Natwest) Who were very helpfull. They gave me a number to call to ensure the cancellation with vprewards 08445 6722 002.

    I spoke to a bloke called Andy who apologised and advised me that my membership was now cancelled and that I would get a refund. I even had an email to confirm the cancellation.

    But low and behold on the 7 Jan another payment came out. I called my bank again who are sending me a form to fill in. Apparently they cannot stop them from taking the money out, however they can reclaim it, and each time they claw it back vprewards will get a fine (when they told me this it made me smile) … so hopefully after a few fines vprewards will stop trying to take money from my credit card.

  42. I have found 4 transactions on my credit card for £9.95 for which I never signed up to.

    I have replaced my Barclaycard and the bank will ensure I receive a refund.

  43. Same Happended to me. i checked my online statement and there was VPREWARDS.COM taking £9.95 from last three months!!!! I rang on 0800 028 8251 and told them i didnt request any membership. they apologised to me and said my membership will be cancelled and i will get refund. i received an email sayin that my membership has been cancelled in like 2 sec after i put the phone down. Then i rang my credit card company and told them this happended…. they said they will send me a form to fill in and then they can stop any future payments from VPREWARDS.COM or Vista Print.

    Now lets see if i get my refund in 2 days!!

  44. I have also been scammed by this company.How I was put in touch with them was I had a leaflet in with something I orderd off amazon and it was for a free address stamp which I sent for.cost me over £3 on postage.Then I went to Austrlia to visit my son’s and went I came back there was at least 5 x £9.95 on my credit card bill.I rang my card comapny to tell them to stop any more payments being made.I also emailed this company.all I got back was 2 £9.95.No matter how many times I email them they never answer.So now i have sent a scathing email to Amazon about who’s leaflets they put in their orders when sending them to people.Amazon said they have sent my email to the relevent department.So maybe if such firms as this stop putting anything from that firm vista prints in with ordered goods the scammimg might stop.I know for certain i did not sign up for anyhting and certainly have not bought anyhting off them.So a free stamp must have cost me over £30

    Ann Cook

  45. just realised that they very kindly deducted 5 months from a credit card that I no longer use (but have a balance on). Rang 0845 6722002 and spoke to a very nice lady who said she would emial HQ in America and get them to investigate it and would ring me tom. She sould see that I had cancelled ages ago, well over a year ago.

    See if she rings and let me know whats happening!!

  46. we got ripped off via last minute.com, we are now trying to retrieve 14.95 a month they have been stealing in the name of vistprint, amex have been very helpful though.we will never use lastminute.com agian.simon

  47. I found debits from my VISA account for £14.95 each month to company called HIGHSTREETMAX.com these started in July – and I used lastminute.com in June… hmmm Lastminute claim that “High Street Max is an external company who is offering existing lastminute.com customers who register with them 10.00 GBP cash back offer.” I didn’t register with them – but still got stung. I reported this as fraud to my bank (Co-op)who have refunded me the last 4 months of debits – so hey there are people who have lost far more [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] – but I also cannot risk using lastminute.com again, if this is the sort of thing they introduce their customers to – shame because otherwise they have been good…

  48. I’ve had the same with High Street Max – I’ve been trying to work out when or if I ever signed up with them. I used lastminute.com in October – first payment appears to be in November. I’m now goin to try and claim the money back. How can these people get away with it???

  49. I ordered business cards from vista print and apparently clicked on a banner or something which joined me to Clubprem………certainly didnt realise i had done it. I have just noticed a debit on my bank account for 9.95. i have cancelled my so called membership online and over the phone following their prompts. I am not convinced they wont try and take money again so have contacted my bank and hope that by cancelling my card so cant!

  50. Hi, the same thing has happened to me on my business account. My acountants are just completing my annual figures and low and behold they have been levying charges since March 2007! Charges recently appear to have increased to £11.95 and this month £13.95. The card they are using has now been cancelled and a full refund claim has been made to Vista Print as I believe they are fully responsible and I mistakenly thought they were such a professional company. Now I know how they fund their cheap printing offers.
    I have also referred the matter to my bank’s fraud dept and I will be contacting my local Trading Standards Office tomorrow morning.

  51. Hi
    Further my message at 7:54, my complaint went off to VP at 19:33 and was duly acknowledged with an auto response at 19:36. At 20:20 I had an another automated e-mail cancelling the subscription I never took out and at 22:22 I received a further e-mail containing a full apology along with a promise of a full refund within the time it takes for my next two bank statements to be issued (60-days) – lets wait and see, however, you can rest assured they will be chased within 7 working days and not allowed 60-days to make the refund.
    Finally, you might like to read Vista Prints attempts to justify their underhand dealings – pathetic really!!!!!
    Ill update you as to my progress with the charges recovery.

  52. Hi I have just checked my account online and found a £9.95 charge from VPRewards.com, having noticed this a couple of times on my account I never thought to check it before but I went on to the website today to realise that it was in fact to do with Vista Print. I looked back on my statement and these monthly charges go back as far as December – I will have to check the hard copies of my statements too as online it only goes as far as December. I haven’t contacted Vista but I phoned Visa and put in a fraudlant claim they are stopping my card now so no further payments can be taken out. Do you think I should also contact Vista print? Or just leave it up to the bank now to get my refunds?

  53. hi i have had the same problems. i noticed they took 11.95 out of my account twice in one week im not sure how long they have been doing this. i rang them an they tol me the same things. this is well out of order. im in the process of getting this stopped.

  54. I cannot believe that they have been taking this money out of my account since october 2007. Same as every one else ordered business cards, paid p/p. The only reason it has come to light is that I have not used my card this week, phoned this number to be told I am part of a club??? My bank is now going to investigate this for fraud, all £71.13.

  55. I have been charged for membership of highstreetmax since I booked a flight with lastminute.com.It took quite a while to find out what it was all about and I received an e-mail saying that I had clicked an icon about highstreetmax during the booking process.This automatically enrolled me as a subscriber and gave authority to use my debit card.
    I have spoken to my bank and they are investigating.Because the amounts have varied from £9.95 to £8.95 to £11.95 and have been collected on different dates each month this counts as DECEPTION.No trading company which had willing subscribers would need to do this.My husband works in finance and we know quite a few people with legal experience so don’t be surprised when you see a TV report if I do not get a refund.

  56. Hi All
    Well having complained and requested a full refund on the 17th April – to my surprise, all the amounts taken by deception have been refunded in full by 23rd April.

    So if you’re still chasing a refund try e-mailing:


    and these words in your e-mail requesting a refund may help things along:

    “I have from time to time used your printing services, however, at no time have I authorised you to pass my details, let alone my credit card details to a third party nor have I given authorisation to VPRewards / Vista Print to take these payments from my card.

    I have never received any correspondence from either VPRewards or Vista Print regarding these arrangements, which is even more surprising considering how frequently you send out promotional / marketing e-mails.”

    Good luck with your attempts at refunds and by the way, Vista Print wont ever be seeing my business again!

  57. I looked at a credit statement of account I no longer use but kept for emergencies since June last year when I used it for business cards with VISTA print – I noticed that since June to date 9.95 was deducted from account for which I was informed that I was responsible for agreeing to the terms. They have offered to refund 5 months money – any idea how I get all my money

  58. The same has happened to me too!! I havent managed to look through all my statements yet so i dread to think how long its been going on for. Ive found 6 so far! I have emailed them and am still to get a reply. I am taking this to Trading Standards and Watchdog and I suggest everyone else do the same. If Watchdog get enough complaints they will broadcast it!!!

  59. VP Rwards???what a joke.I saw an entry on my credit card statement for £9.95..did not take any notice until my Wife queried the amounts going back to the middle of last year.I called the cerdit card company…who were not surprised to hear the name of VPrewards and suggested I called them to resolve the problem…as most of you are aware you listen to a recorded message (american) and don’t get anywhere..I then cxalled 0845 6722002 and spoke to a person called NABILA and explained that her company was operating a SCAM,,she siad I was entitled to my opinion and to cut a long story short they will refund some of my money within 7-10 days…not holding my breath… [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10]s….Joe (Hornchurch)

  60. andrew millet is behind this scam – i spoke to him to day have payed about £300 to vprewards , should have cheaked my statments–andrew millets adaptive affinity uk–google him he has info and contact details on the net ,i will hassle him until he gives me back every penny– you should do the same.he works in edgwere london -so he can be found – his website even has his picture.

  61. Hi. I have just notice that 3 payments of £9.95 have been deducted from my account without my consent by a company called Vprewards.com and PEI European Region. After each payment the telphone number 0845 026 1100 is listed. Rang the number and had to wait for approximately 20 minutes before someone answered. Eventually someone with a false American accent answered with the name(Shenika Grant) and told me that I signed for a special membership deal when I purchase business cards from Vistaprint back in October 2007. What a lie and a scam. They must be stopped. After much dilberation I was told that my membership has been cancel and that I will get by money back – I will check my back account and contact my bank. I am totally pissed with this!!! Please tell everyone to read the small print and don’t do business with Vistaprint.

  62. from UK:
    Phoned 08456722002
    no reply..
    phoned 08000288251
    American lady
    Phoning, probably like so many others, to complain about VPREWARDS taking out unauthorized amounts out of my account. I haven’t filled in any direct debit mandate. Since 23 Jan 2008 £9.95 has been taken.

    *SURPRISE* she actually made it easy.. kept on hold but said account now closed, refund in 2-3 days and shown on statement in1-2 bill cycles.

    Now to see if this is true!

    Good luck all!

  63. quick update:
    tried to log in and came back error…
    Hope this means things go as promised!

  64. I also found out that I had been billed four times! Luckily after reading the comments I phoned the Ameriacn number and spoke with a lady (who must have heard this so many times) withing seconds of dialling. She assured me I could cancel, explained why I had receieved the memebership and has promised to refund all payments. Lets see.
    FYI-after ordering if you simply close the pop up taht signs you up to the program. If you do not want to be part of it apparently you have to click no thanks, sneaky huh!

  65. I have also found out that they have been taking money from my account using vprewards.com and clubprem.com. Considering I purchased only once from Vista Print over 14 months ago Im confused why after 12 months they have decided to take membership payments and that they are taking them under two different companies for the same scheme. Im not interested in their membership scheme!

    No luck with the contacts. I have emailed and phoned so now Im going to try a fax and send a letter via registered mail.

    Rather annoyed about the time and effort taken to date to try and resolve the issue!

    I suggest people avoid using vista print and try printing.com as it will be safer and cheaper in the long term!

  66. Hi,

    I accidentally signed up to this scheme too, and had £9.95 taken from my credit card for the last 4 months. I phoned the number 0845 026 1100, and got straight through. I phoned late afternoon, as the number is in America, and I guess the time difference with the UK means you might not get through in the morning. I calmly explained that I had not intended to sign up, and had never received any e-mail or other confirmation of having signed up (or how to cancel the subscription!). I told the person, again very calmly, that in my opinion this was extremely dodgy, and if the money was not refunded I would never purchase from Vistaprint again. She immediately offered to refund the last month, so I said I expected the full 4 months back. She put me on hold for a few minutes, then returned and said this would be refunded within 5 days. I asked for her name as a reference in case of problems, and she did give me her name. I checked my credit card just now, and a full refund has been given. It was relatively easy to get the money back, though of course I am not happy it was taken in the first place! I hope others will be lucky enough to get a refund too.

  67. Seen this last week in the Sunday Mail section called ‘The Judge’. Had my statement today with a payment of £9.95 off it, like thousands of others! Read quite a few comments off sites that have said they cancelled their accounts as it’s the only way to stop them! It is a new business account, so nothing really in it, called the bank, who said to call the disputes helpline, they will write to the companies involved but said even if i close the account they would continue to pay then(out of a holding account fund?!)mad!!! as they are card payments and not direct debits!! how do i stop them? will go and see my bank in person as i don’t believe they can’t stop payments from an account that wouldn’t exist!!!?

  68. I noticed vprewards.com on our bank statements each month for £9.95 and assumed that my partner had a regular payment for vitamins or something. Having googled the name I realised we too had been scammed. We paid for some business cards last October 2007 and the [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] have been taking £9.95 every month since. I never signed up to their club knowingly and after calling them have been told they will unsubscribe us and reimburse the payments within 3 days. Their email of confirmation has not yet been received so I am holding my breath. I phoned the bank (our joint account) and they cannot do anything. We would effectively have to close our joint account, switching all our direct debits, standing orders etc a right hassle for us in order for them not to take this any more.

  69. I noticed money being taken from my business account after recently purchasing business cards from vista print, 2 amounts of £9.95 I called phone number but never actually got to speak to anyone, I e-mailed them, got no reply so I e-mailed vista print directly, still no reply, so I just cancelled on the vista print website. To my amazement I received a full refund 1 week later, so I don’t know which e-mail worked but I am so pleased to have got a refund. So keep trying and hopefully you’ll all get refunds.

  70. Hi just found the same £9.95 debit on statement, and phoned the 0800 028 8251 no spoke to someone called Nora who promised a cancellation e.mail (which has just come) and a refund in 1-2 months (which my bank says is laughable). Have cancelled the debit card I used to pay with and hope that that will stop it and that I do get my refund, have warned lots of other people!!!

  71. I had a similar problem – though not with this company. I got into debt and it was dealt with by a cllections company, I agreed with them that I could only afford to pay £5 a month and after they took my debit card and bank details they ‘confirmed’ that the payments would be £25 a week. I immediately told them no, that there wouldn’t be enough money in the account to cover it and that they did not have my permission to continue, but they did anyway. when I canceled the debit card they used a Direct Debit loophole to set up a new DD every week, and immeduately request payment. Even though the DD would be canceled, the £25 would be collected because it was requested the same instant that it was set up each week. after a month of this, and horrendous charged from my bank for other DD’s returned unpaid, I had to close the bank account in order to get a new account number so they couldn’t set up the payment again. My bank was quite sympathetic, and after the 2nd week of going in to the bank almost every day they accepted that I’d been scammed and thankfully removed all charges for unpaid DD’s until the matter was resolved. I’m al lfor paying my debts, but I will never pay anything to one of these companies again. Sooner or later the debt will be passed back to the original company that I owe money to and then I will clear it, but I’m not taking the chance on being scammed again.
    I completely sympathise with what you’re all going through with this company, and hope you are able to get the full refunds that you deserve, but until then my advice is to close the account and open a new one – my bank did this for me with only 1 signature,and they sorted out all the DDs and Standing Orders so they went from the new account.

  72. Hi, can’t believe it that it has happened to me and that even a year after people have realised this is going on vista print can still get away with it…….
    I only have a hundred quid limit on my card and these [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] have made me go over my limit and now I have had my card frozen and am being charged £12 for going above my limit………can I get vista print to refund me that amount as well as the £9.95 that they have stolen from me…………and who can I sue???????this is my reputation with a brand new credit company and I look bad ……

  73. lastminute.com in association with highstreetmax.com (run by adaptive affinity) have done the same thing to me after booking a holiday. BEWARE!


  74. I ordered business cards on boyfreinds card. I did NOT sign in for any rewards scheme! Just found that for 6 months £9.99 has been stolen at beggining and end of each month. Trying for refund will let you know if succesfull. LC W-R

  75. Hey ho! Same story – Sept 07 I clicked the wrong box for a ‘free’ t-shirt. Realised I had goofed and phoned to request cancellation of this ‘club’. I was told the membership was cancelled. Now, August 08 I find I have paid a years worth of £9.95 payments! The moral is check your bank statements carefully – its a small amount that slips through the net.

    August 27th. Thanks to this site I rang 08456 722 002 and spoke to Brinya (Indian?) who apologised and confirmed cancellation had happened on Sept 10th 07, and there had been a ‘technical error’. She said a full refund (£119)would be credited to my account in ‘5 to 7 days’. The ‘accounts department’ would be informed that my refund was ‘urgent’. She was seemingly efficient and on the ball – I was calm but firm. We shall see what happens. I was tempted to cancel my Debit account (so they can’t draw any more money out?)but I guess I have to give Vprewards an opportunity to refund into this account – no way am I prepared to quote any other account numbers to them for the promised ‘refund’!!
    Surely something can be done about this ‘sharp practice’ – enough of us seem to have suffered from this scam?

  76. I have just been charged £9.95 for the last two months! I have spoken with my credit card company and they say that even if I cancel my credit card and have a new one they can still take the money as I have given them my details! It sounds like the only way you can stop it is to have a new card with a different company.Has anyone been able to get their money back and stop the payments?

  77. Kate said….
    This is an absolute scam and I cannot believe that they are still trading. Have they not been investigated by Watchdog/Trading Standards/Martin Lewis etc etc ?? I have just asked for a refund and was told it would take 7 – 10 working days – I have also sent an email confirming my conversation to enquiries@membersavings.co.uk – at least I will have something in writing if I need to take it further. …. when will I learn – you don’t get anything for nothing!

  78. Good news!!! I have received the full refund of 12 months payments. They came as promised a week after my complaint, repaid into the correct account. Hope you all have the same success. Graham

  79. i am so annoyed!! i have been looking at this vprewards on my account for some time wondering was it was i did a google search and to my suprise so many other people have had this problem from free business cards form vistaprint, i didnt even sign up for anything. im now trying to spot it all
    im very very annoyed.

  80. I have just discoverd 8 debits of £9.95. I have followed previous advice and asked for my money back – we will see what happens. Also as a precaution I am going to make a request to my credit card company to not pay any further money to them.

  81. At 10-00 AM 0n 24 September 2008 I phonedthe UK number 08456 722002 and got an instant cancelation of my 30 day free membership that I did not know I had.Hope this will not have any repercustions.Terry

  82. I too have been conned by vprewards. I have tried contacting them to get my so called subscription cancelled but no joy. My bank said they will put it forward to their fraud dept if I have no joy. Some people have said that they so called agreement was in a pop up which means for those with pop up blockers you have no way realising that you are being signed up for anything.

  83. I too have been conned I cant believe in this day and age this kind of practice can go on. I have now paid 4 months worth of membership following the purchase of business cards back in May I have cancelled the membership by phone but who knows if it will be, I have also sent an email and they promise a response within 2 days, I am so disgusted and hope I will be re-imbursed.

  84. We too have been scammed- an amount £11.95 has appeared on our statement- having made no purchase!
    ‘Be sure your sin will find you out’ Vista Print!

  85. I too have had 4 payments of £9.95 taken from my account, 2 too vprewards and 2 to clubprem.com, after speaking with my bank (barclays) they are sending me out a dispute form which may or may not get my money back (apparently goes to the fraud people) and I have cancelled my card and now have to wait up to a week for a new one. Once the phoneline opens at 9am for clubprem I will be calling them and giving them a piece of my mind and I will also be getting onto vista print. I am so annoyed with thsi as I also just made a payment to vistaprint this morning! I will most certainly be cancelling that. I will keep this updated and let you all know the outcome of whether I get my money back or not!

  86. all of you who are paying 9.95 think yourselves lucky i’m £11 95, i understand why every-one is angry, i didn’t realise i’d signed up for it till i saw it on my cc returns

  87. ive had same problems with this company and now another one who are the same people just using another name are doing the same when i phoned them they say there was a link with vista print,and now ive cancelled membership they will not take no more payments.we will see.

  88. I was delighted to find this site. I also have had this problem. My credit card (MBNA) tried to discuss this issue with VPrewards, but could not do so as they were “a third Party” I gathered that MBNA were NOT impressed by that! However they did give me a phone number – 0845 672 2002 – to contact VPRewards. It was not too difficult to insist that my “subscription” be cancelled, and I have now had an e-mail confirmation of that. Getting them to refund the £9.95 that they had taken was more problematic!!!! However I have their verbal agreement to do so, and the name of the lady who made this commitment.
    What really appals me is that it was not possible to prevent VPRewards taking further sums from my account as “subscription”. MBNA did say that they would try to help me further if I could not close the VPrewards account – but even if I had closed my MBNA account I WAS STILL VULNERABLE!
    VPRewards did try to claim that the “rewards” account was deliberately opened, and that they had sent e-mails to confirm this. If such e-mails were ever sent they certainly never arrived!!!!! I must be forgiven for being dubious!
    I hope that “Maddened” did contact Amazon, for it was also through a card they put in an item that they delivered to me that brought me into contact with VistPrint. Manifestly I will never use VistaPrint again even though I like their products.

  89. After a bit of an argument – I got my money back, and it is now in my account. If you stand up to them – they back down.

  90. Spoke to my bank, The Cooperative Bank and they said write to them at Visa Disputes, PO Box 200, Skelmersdale,WN8 6NY. They give them 30 days to make a refund or they will give it back to me and get it from them. Also phoned 0845 026 1100 and cancelled(?) they gave me a six digit cancellation number and said it would take 24 hours to take affect. I will let you know the outcome.
    Dave East London

  91. thank god for all this useful imformation ,i too ordered had some so called free cards,only to catch on 5 months later that they have been taking £9.95 for some scam of a vp rewards system, i had had no emails from ,no emails telling me my so called rewards scheme was a healthy £49.75 in credit and would i like to buy some cards ,NO BLOODY NOTHING how can this be allowed to happen,getting in touch with citizens advice tomorrow ,and have cancelled via the web site and will ring tomorrow,good luck every body trying to stop this SCAM

  92. Hiya my wife has been subjected to 2 payments of 9.95. Phoned the 08 number spoke to lady in america, she promised all payments they had would be refunded within 2 billing cycles (refused to elaborate, but I got out of here that their billing cycle is from 1 statement to next). I also said it took her overdrawn and want them to refund bank charge, no problem just fax them (usa fax number) the statement showing it taking us over limit and showing applied bank charge. Also of course cancelled membership. So hopefully will see what happens.

    I myself work for a bank. If you report it as unauthorised, you first have to contact the company yourself to peacfully arange a refund. I think they’re allowed a good month for this. If they refuse / refund doesn’t turn up, then the bank demands the company proove that you authorised the transaction, and fines the company if possible everyday until they deliver.

    Cancelling your card usually stops these card payments, however sometimes through Visa if they “authorise” the transaction before the time the card is stopped, it will still come through and the only solution is to close your account. The bank cannot bar specific payments, just sort out previous ones meaning a new investigation each time.

    Of course wether or not these scams are legal is not the banks concern, thats for trading standards to determine.

    Hope this helps.

  93. posted a comment last night at 10.43, so letting you all know how i got on,rang the company and found it too easy to get my now 6 payments back as there took another yesterday ,so gave them a total today and ryon(yes he did spell it like that)was very helpful and apolagetic ,but was at pains to point out there would have been a cancel email and on the oringal order form it is easy to opt out , i there pointed out that it wasnt and i would have if id known ,any how we shall see and was told like the post above it might take 1-2 bill cycles for it to go though ,i stressed i hoped it would be sooner than that ,we shall see ,watch this space. anon

  94. Anthony.

    Just preparing accounts for my wifes small retail business and found details of this SCAM from Feb 07 until Fed 08. 11 Months @ £9.95 and two Months @ £11.95 they kindly increased it after a year. I can’t believe a company as big a VistaPrint would be up to tricks like this. I will be contacting them today and let you know outcome, Anthony

  95. “Just preparing accounts for my wifes small retail business and found details of this SCAM from Feb 07 until Fed 08. 11 Months @ £9.95 and two Months @ £11.95 “

    I can’t believe that you haven’t checked you statements for almost a year.
    This is precisely the kind of behaviour that credit card scams rely upon – the number of people who don’t notice, and end up paying, probaly justify the practice and make it pay.

  96. Hi, I have been checking my account and I have had 3 payments Of £9.95 to vprewards and 3 Payments to club prem for £9.95 after ordering so called free cards I have spoken to them and they promised to refund Novembers payments but not October and september. this is a scam I cant afford being an OAP. I have an address to write to Meb Service P.O box587 EDWARE HA8 4DX to try and get the money back and they said they had cancelled .I wont hold my breath Claudette

  97. Similar story purchased a few items in June and been paying for last 5 months. Just have sent an email to watchdog to highlight the problem.

    Let you all know how I get on

  98. Have been ripped off by vprewards too. Ordered business cards and have since been charged £9.95 on two occassions for being a “member” of vprewards. Have been informed that my membership has been cancelled and that I will get a refund.

    Very annoyed. This scam seems to have been going on for ages….surely someone should be able to put a stop to this!!

  99. Yep, I’ve been done too. Rang the company and was told I could cancel the’subscription’ but having read the problems you guys have had I also rang my bank. They said the only way to be sure they can no longer use your card to debit your account is to cancel the card. Drastic, but a small price to pay to prevent a scam. Hope this helps someone.

  100. yes aswell ive been duped,yes i have had a debit £9.95 for a few months, I know I didnt sign anything, I to will be taking a drastic measure in cancelling my card.Hopefully these comments will help to prevent these [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] from continuing to do this.
    bloody fuming!

  101. glad to find this site. i have just noticed that they’ve charged my credit card twice. i’ve been assured of a refund. these people have no moral conscience.
    i got some printing done to fund raise for my daughter who is disabled as we can’t extract much needed equipment out of the nhs.
    horrible people out there.


  103. Unfortunately I did not read any of these warnings before I too was stung…on my debit card for £9.95 since March 2008. That £99.50 altogether ! I have already cancelled the card as that was the advice the bank gave me as ringing today New Years Eve was unsucessful although I tried both numbers and tried several times. I must have done exactly as was described somewhere above and inadvertently signed up for a limited period trial but of course completely forgot to cancel and now feel really cheated by Vistaprint and very disapointed in myself ;-( I have sent an email requesting a refund but do not hold out much hope ! I do hope that more people out there read these warnings BEFORE they sign up to any ‘FREE’ offers from Vistaprint ! You don’t not get anything for nothing


  104. Oh! My god, I am a foriegn student in the UK. I cannot believe that I have been charged this for last 18 monthes. It is shame that I really lost my trust in these British businese company. Can someone give me some useful advice to claim my refund back? I try very hard to save my money and come to the UK to learn knowledge. I still cannot believe they so easily take my £200 from my bank acount and I cannot do something.

  105. Thanks for all these comments.I got my credit card statement today and realized the deduction of £9.95 from my account.Luckly the first.Hope i will be successful with the refund and hope many people will know about this FRAUD.Nothing really is FREE.

  106. [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] Just goes to show though, that you don't get something for nothing & if it seems too good to be true it probably is.
    Have had verbal assurance that membership is cancelled & told I will get the last months 2 'payments' to VP Rewards & Club Prem refunded – we shall see.
    Am about to cancel my debit card too tho just in case.
    [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] – why oh why are Watchdog not highlighting them??

  107. Hi guys yup me too..just to let yall know i have just written to watchdog and have given them the link to this page.. you may want to do the same yourselves as it would make you feel better..then maybe we can do something… if i get a response i will post it …

  108. Same as above: First phoned 0845 told no refund possible then phoned the 08 number spoke to a helpful gentleman in america who has promised a refund – I am not too sure though and may just cancel my credit card as a precaution

  109. I noticed these amounts of £9.95 and thought it was something else untill i realised today i had’nt used my c/card last month at all. As soon as i realised where this money was going i cancelled it over the phone on an automated service. Now i have come onto the site, so many people have been scamed just like me. I’m not a happy bunny, just like everyone else and hope you all get your cash back along with me. Does anyone know how to get this cash back off v/p. My email is xtine.crystals@googlemail.com Please contact me if you do. Vista have had lots of costom from me. If this is how they treat their valued costomers. I am going else where.

  110. I cancelled my credit card in November, or so I thought. After calls to them today discovered that they were unable to cancell due to monthly payments of £13.95 being taken by Vprewards. I had no idea who this company was, what services or items i was supposidly buying or even where i had a greed to set up a standing order on a card I was cancelling.

    the bank game me their phonenumber which when i cancelled has one optin. Press 1 to cancel, which implies to me they know it is a scam.

    I have no idea what button where was my alledged authorisation for this transaction.

    I am espcicially upset to find it is Vista Print , a company i had respeceted and have done a great deal of business with.

    the compnaies address is

    PO Box 5152
    Best Plaines

    the number i was given by the card company was 0845 026 1100.

    Having done further business with Vista print since they did this, I am going to check my other accounts to ensure it does not happen again.
    I have emailed them requesting a refund.

  111. I recently was checking my account and I noticed 2 Recuring Debite Card payments each for £14.95. They were from HighCreditScore.co.uk and rewardsnow.co.uk. I noticed the 0845 telephone numbers were almost the same and got the same message from each saying no operator available. I had never heard of either company so I visited my Nationwide office and reported these as fraud. I have now found out that Adaptive Affinity Limited and registered at PO Box: PO BOX 587. Edgware HA8 4DX. Both of the above are hosted at the same server as well as the sites below. It would appear that this is a [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] with 100’s of innocent looking sites, and I do not know how they got my debit card details, that is what is really worrying.

    Incidentally, I have dealt with the real vistaprint some time ago. I think this may be a scam just using there name. I undersatand Vistaprint is a franchise operation.

    Be very carefull.


  112. I've just discovered that Highcreditscore.co.uk have taken 14.95 from my credit card. I've never contacted them & obviously am concerned that they have my credit card details
    I contacted my credit card company with my concerns: I think they have already been alterted to this comapny.
    Have emailed the company to ask questions and to refund the money by close of business tomorrow, otherwise I'll be taking it further re fraudulant activity.
    If you have this happen, contact your c card company immediately & speak with their fraud department.

  113. Exactly the same thing has happened to me today! Have been in contatact with my bank constantly since I first noticed funds missing. Had two payments of 14.95 taken in 2 days. Been told by my bank they should be able to reclaim the money as my card has been used fraudguantly. In meantime cancelled my card!! Will try to contact rewards.com but not holding out much hope.

  114. I too have noticed today 2 payments going to highcreditscore.co.uk and rewardsnow.co.uk for £14.95 to each. I have contacted my bank and cancelled my debit card and I am now going to report them to watch dog. I have tried to call the telephone numbers my bank provided me and they both say the mail box is full! Has anyone managed to speak to them?

  115. two payments of £14.95 have been taken from my account today also for Highcreditscore.co.uk and rewardsnow.co.uk
    I have phoned my bank and they will try to re-claim the money back, but it doesn’t sound very promising. However they did say that they will block any further payment.

  116. I have just also discovered that these people have been taking money from ourbank account. I remember getting 250 free business cards, that I supposedly won in an internet survey. I did not agree to becoming a member and I gave my details as i had to pay postage. That’s how the [Expletive Deleted] have done it i suppose. It has caused my wife and i to fall out, because I was stupid enough to believe the hype that came with it. Even the most computer literate of us get caught out.
    Now i have to try and cancel and also get my money back.

  117. I too have just noticed 3 illigal payments taken from my account by Highstreetmax.com I have no idea how it happened and why it is being taken. Have tried to call the number on the statement 08450261100 and after numerous number selections finally get an option to speak to some one the line goes dead!! I have stopped my card and raised a fraud matter with my bank as this needs to be stopped. I have also sent an email to watchdog so hopefully this scam can be highlighted to every one. Could i encourage every one who has been stung to also send their details to BBC watchdog the more of us complain the bigger our voice!!

  118. Today I discovered I’m in the same rows with you guys… I phoned directly to VistaPrint as I could’t get anybody (exept of answer mashine)on vpreward.com…so,I delt a phone number from vistaprin website and asked to cancel whatever agreement I had with them and demanded a full refund.They said they will…we will see… but any way one of my friend had the same problem and he was able to get a refund in full…fingers crossed for all of us!!!!
    I’ll be writing letters about this bunch of [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] to watchdog every single day till the end of my life… I don’t now if it do any difference but I will any way!
    P.S:Sorry for my spelling,I’m not an English.

  119. Same story as all of you. Noticed rewardsnow.co.uk have illegally taken 14.95 from my account. I have never been on their website and will obviously be reporting them.

  120. I too have been scammed by rewardsnow.co.uk an unauthorisedd 14.95 was taken from my account. I contacted my bank (the Abbey)who said they would pay out every month as it was set up as a recurrent payment and that there was nothing they could do!Even though I explained everything to them, and that I was the customer not bloody rewardsnow.co.uk! I will be closing my account tomorrow and reporting this company to Watchdog

  121. Just got a credit card statement with £14.95 being paid to rewardsnow.co.uk 08450261098 ! ! !
    Found them to be apart of highcreditscore.co.uk of which i gave my detais for a 30 day trial, i then canceled within 4 days as they couldn't provide the service.

    I could contact them to set it up and even cancel it over the phone but getting in contact with them now is a differant story.

    The differant phone numbers from rewardsnow.co.uk and highcreditscore.co.uk seem to go the same answer service that plays me music untill i get sick of waiting 8-9 mins later.

    The address of highcreditscore.co.uk is on there site as

    PO BOX 587
    Edgware, HA8 4DX
    United Kingdom

    This address seems to pop up for lots of scams!!!

    I have contacted the bank to dispute the payment and claim it back… CREDIT CARD INS. IS WORTH SOMETHING SOMETIMES > > >
    I know its not a large amount [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10]

  122. I too am a victim of highcreditscore.co.uk who are now 14.95 better-off at my expense.

    10 minutes later, and my card is cancelled and my credit company is sending me the appropriate fraudulent activity papers which will be handed to the police.

  123. I have just managed to get through to highcreditsscore, they insisted that there is text when you sign up stating that there is a 14.95 charge after 10 days if you do not cancel. which i still have not seen. however after discussing the rewardsnow charge i managed to get them to reemburse that as i did not sign up to this extra service.

    I advise anyone else who is canceling their service to send a letter to their bank with any information about the cancelation so that the bank can watch out for any additional charges they make to your account.

    Hope everyone manages to get their money back.

  124. Just the same, I noticed 2 payments of 14.95 for rewardsnow.co.uk and highcreditscore.co.uk on my credit card statement. Tried emailing them a dozen times, tried calling (no answer). Have just reported the fraud to my bank and stopped my card.

  125. i to have been scammed by these [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] people £14.95 for rewards now and £14.95 for highcredit score. i really dont know where they got my debit card details from which is scary.there must be a way to stop this it appears to have been giong on for years and somebody some where is getting richer at the exspence of us poor unsuspecting people [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] please somebody out there help put a stop to this now.had to close my account and cancel my cards to help stop this

  126. THESE [Expletive Deleted] HAVE TO BE STOPPED,they have dipped my account twice for £14.95,i am on incapacity benifit after an accident which left me unable to work, i carnt afford to loose this money,my bank are sending me the forms to fill in for the fraudulant activity on my account, will i ever see my money back,i wont hold my breath,t tried to contact the phone number on the web sight, saying mail box is full,i can just hope i get my money back,£30 isnt alot, but it is to me. [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10]

  127. Since December 2007 I have had monthly charges of the order of 15 £ to my bank account from highstreetmax.com. Unfortunately, I only realised it after 15 months, which means that all these past months I have been paying it without knowing. The charges come from the website http://www.highstreetmax.com, which I have never visited.

    Has anyone managed to get refunded, either by highstreetmax.com or by their bank?

  128. same has happened to me i have had £14.95 taken out of my account on 4 occasions twice to rewardsnow and twice to highcreditscore so thats £59.80 plus its taken me over my overdraft and i am now going to be charged £70 by my bank these need to be stopped quick time [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10]

  129. I am one of many of you who noticed a vp rewards payment on my credit card. I never ever signed up for this and have had 3 payments taken. Again MBNA say they can still take mony after I cancel my card. Best advice is to let your bank/card issuer know you are disputing the payments and contact vp rewards on one of the numbers below.
    08456 722 002
    0800 288 251
    08445 6722 002
    0845 026 1100
    Addresses I have found are
    Adaptive Affinity Ltd
    Wisteria Cavendish House
    369 Burnt Oak Broadway
    Middlesex, HA8 5AW or:
    PO Box 587
    Middlesex, HA8 4DX

    I suggest letting BBC Watchdog know as I have and getting a Police crime reference number and posting this with your “membership” number to them. I am doing so tomorrow. Will update the site when I have reply.

  130. I have had 5 payments taken out of my account,i phoned 08000288251 and was told as from today these payments would stop and i would get a full refund.Really upset about this.

  131. Yes it has just happened to me. [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] Thankfully my credit card company sorted it all out!

  132. i have just got my bank statement to say that theses [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] have taken 4 payments og £9.95 from my account for something that i have not asked for the card people said they cant do anything need to get refund from vprewards.they said they will give me a refund lets see.i no its only 40 pounds but it is my money not theres i think we should get on to watchdog to see if they stop these [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10].

  133. I have also just discovered this unexpected charge on my card dating back for some months, but after a quick call to the company they have cancelled all further charges and are refunding all payments. So fingers crossed this is not as bad as I feared.

  134. In January I found a credit card transaction of £14.95 from rewards now. I tried phoning the company but no one answered it was as if no one spoke for the company. My credit card company are making this difficult for me to cancel further payments going out. A few weeks later I thought I’d try the number again and finally spoke to someone they said they’ve taken my details off their system and I will get a refund. I hope this actually happens otherwise I will get the police involved as they have stolen money.

  135. just found out that 2 payments a month to vprewards.com and clubprem.com of £11.95 each have been coming out of my account i tried for nearly 3 hours today to cancel these direct debits through the numbers given by others on this page and then tried to get my RBS credit card company to cancel them but to no avail…. please can anyone help and HAS ANYONE EVER GOT A REFUND???

  136. please make sure that if you want to have these payments stopped that you ring vistaprint 08000288251 give them your account number and cancel your subsrciption to them. also tell them to stop any other subscription i.e clubprem.com, vprewards.com etc…that are taking payments from your account hopefully this will stop the payments been taken.. good luck

  137. Hello all i see alot of ple being ripped of here as have i, so i have just brought the domain name VISTAPRINT-RIPOFF.CO.UK,
    i will be posting the site live in a few days, and to make sure this dosent happen to other ple i am going to include all i find about this rip off companey. i also got the free buss cards and i know i didnt sign up for this and now im £20 down, but hopefully this will stop this happerning to others and i dont think vistaprint is going to like it but the public need to know about these rip off. and its going to stay up even if it means them losing custamers.

  138. As with other people I have just discovered charges from VPRewards going back 9 months. Originated from an order to VistaPrint (by my wife) and she had no knowledge that she has signed up. Charges appeared under various names on the credit card bill, earlier wards.com and now VPRewards.com. I check the bill every month but missed the small amount as my wife uses the same account and I don’t check every online purchase with her. Phone VistaPrint (0800 028 8251) Wednesday to complain that it may be legal but was intended to deceive and asking for money back. They offered to arrange cancel and a full refund. I was not sure of this, given some previous postings here, but received a cancellation Email on the day and money (for all payments) was back in my credit card account on Thursday.

    So if it happens to you complain!

  139. Hi All,

    I too am done! I contacted my BT card, who I have insisted they cancel, but they too say they cannot stop these payments, although they have told me to contact their fraud department who will do their best to sort and get refunds as I have highlighted the fraud to them. I have sent an email to Vista Print, which is obviously where all this mess starts, was a bit careful in as much as I was happy with their products, (crawling), they wrote back immediately (amazing), saying it was when I clicked my email address twice, but they said they will write to VP Rewards and cancel the agreement (what agrement) and ask them to refund. I have also written to the preference service for advice, lets see what happens with them? I am also going to write to my bank to ensure they don’t touch my debit account, as apparently this causes amazing problems.

    Good luck to everyone in getting money back. – CA

  140. You could try threatening them with the data prtection act 1998, I’m seveerly annoyed that they think they can help themselves to our money! Any other company would have thier name dragged through the mud! Might send an email to watchdog so other people can see whats happening.

  141. Hi re highcreditscore,Contacted Barclaycard re unauthorised payments.New credit card arrived in 2 days,followed by Fraud forms to complete.

  142. contacted halifax bank today got appointment with fraud manager wednesday takin info bout all these sites not just one that has scammed me hopefully they will block them

  143. Just had a letter come through from Barclays Fraud prevention team, I had a charge of £9.99 taken from my account, i haven’t used Vista Print in over 2 years, now gonna check ALL of my statements. Barclays have cancelled my card for me and also i have asked barclays to dispute the payment as it was not authorised.

  144. Two payments have came from my account for £14.95 out of no where!

    I have sent details of this forum to watchdog and advised them of what is going on. I don’t even know what service I’m paying for. The only way to stop this company is if all of us collate all of our problems-there is no way watchdog or the FSA can tollerate having all of us complaing to them about a company stealing money in this current climate

  145. I have just seen a payment of £14.95 taken off my account from REWARDSNOW.CO.UK……… i have no idea what this is for! my bank has given me a number to call which is not going through…… 08450261098
    Does anyone else know of this site?? please help

  146. On March 3rd 09 I posted a comment about Shopperdiscounts.co.uk who had taken 12 payments of £8.00 out of my account. I phoned them the same day and I am pleased to report the full amount has been refunded and my “membership” cancelled, so some success. Now I just have to deal with VPRewards.com wish me luck.

  147. I’m another that has just had a £15.95 transaction for rewardsnow. I’ve called the nationwide (it’s my current account) and they have stopped my card, and will issue another.

    I did use Vista Print but it was about 2 years ago before I even had this bank account, so it can’t be connected in this case. It’s a new account I opened about a year ago.

    The girl on the phone told me to go into my branch to fill in fraud forms tomorrow. Great start to the weekend.

  148. Sorry, just re-read my post – should have said £14.95 and not £15.95! Don’t panic, they haven’t put their prices up .lol!

  149. hello all i have had the same problum as all of you, i even phoned them told them what i thought of them and if the direct debit wasnt stoped i will do somthing about it well they took a 3rd payment after my call so, in order to get my own back and to warn others about this, i have brought the domain name vistaprint-ripoff.co.uk warning about this problum, it might not get my money back but that site will stay up until i do, feel free to take a look at


    the site should be life in 24 hrs, i dont know what their going to do as in court action or what but i dont care they have helped themselfs to my money so im going to warn thousands more and hopefully lose them a lot of custom, alot more than my £30that they stole from me

  150. well folks theres hope for
    us all just got back £50 from
    rewardsnow .co after speaking on this number 08450261098
    and making threats
    be tough with them
    [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10]

  151. Just come back from working on a cruise ship for the last 6 months to find I have been paying £11.95 to these people. Phoned 08450261100 and have apparently cancelled my membership through an automated system. Not sure if this is going to work. Anyone else cancelled this way?


    CALL THEM ON 0845 026 1098



    AND CALL THEM ON 0845 026 1092

    PO BOX 587



  153. I have just checked my bank account and find I have been paying £9.95 per month since last August for somthing which I have now idea what it is. I have phoned my bank and they can not do anything. I have also phoned VPREWARDS and had the phone slammed down on me. Looking good isnt it. I re rang them and cancelled my membership automaticly. I never had a membership no. Soooo dont know what will happen.

  154. I has attempted to use HIGHCREDITSCORE’s services a few months ago and found it to be rubbish. I cancelled my memberhip on in March and recieved a confirmation email. A few days a go, I just realised they have still been taking payments from my account, so I emailed asking it be be refunded immediately… few days later NO REPLY. I just called them and managed to speak to someone (female with not the best english in the world) who says she will cancel and refund immediately…. Just need to wait and see if she’s telling the truth this time. AVOID THESE PEOPLE AT ALL COSTS. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR HIGHCREDITSCORE.co.uk !!!!

  155. just found a charge of £11.95 on my statement for vprewards. i phoned them and asked them why i had taken up membership. They replied 13th april 2009 to which i replied i was in portugal so it was not possible. It went very quiet and said had that happened.i also have noticed that that my emails have stopped from them in the last mounth. I demanded a refund and was told it will take 10 days and i replied you took it out in 1 day and you could put it back in 1 day, she said it would take 10 days. I also informed them that i am contacting trading standards to report this and would not use them again. She said can i help you with anything else to which i said no. i will let you all know if i get a refund.

  156. hi all, i just come home from work, i recieved my bank statment and found two illegal payments of £ 9.95,tacken out by VISTAPRINT.COM, i have not signed for this. ITS A SCAM ALL- PLZ BEWARE OF THEM. THATS THE LAST TIME I MAKE AN ORDER WITH THEM.

  157. I too noticed 14.95 on 4 occasions come out of my bank account which hopefully i can stop when i go in to the bank tommorow.
    you c**ts will be dealt with in a big way when you finally get caught can’t wait.

  158. Just cancelled my bank card so the [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] cannot get any more money out of me.

    Whatever you do NEVER enter your credit card details unless you are sure it is a safe website.

    DO NOT TOUCH: http://www.quickcreditscore.co.uk/

  159. i will be contacting my bank as £14.95 has been taken out my bank and i do not know what for.??. the same day as that debit came out, my direct debit was due to come out, i ended up with a £30 charge as i didnt have enough funds.. fizzing

  160. I have just found out that highcreditscore.co.uk and rewardsnow.co.uk have taken 4 payments of £14.95 within the last 5 days. I am disgusted with this and think everyone should BEWARE of this going on. I am 18 year old single mum with a baby to provide for with no money for this week as they have rinsed my account.

  161. These rogues have taken 2 payments, each of £24.95, from my credit card account – one from Quickcreditscore – for which I signed up for a free trial period and tried to cancel before the end of that period, and another for Rewardsnow.co.uk – which I had never even heard of before they took my money! How can this be legal?

  162. i have just recieved a bank statement and realised that i too have been conned i am furious and will be taking it further first thing in the morning, this is fruad and should be stopped, i feel like i have been robbed..

  163. we too have been scamed for 2 payments of £14.95 in the same week by rewardsnow.co.uk cheekey [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10] avoid them at all cost.

  164. They have done the same to me. quick credit score say there is a free 10 day trial period and if you don't cancel you are charged £19.95. The address they give you to email and cancel is different to the one you get after you pay and rewardsnow take money aswell. want my money back.

  165. Hi all,

    I've been conned into this highcreditscore.co.uk and rewardsnow.co.uk thing and been ripped off 90 quids for the past 3 months. Is there a way I can report this company?

  166. I bought a pack of business cards from VistaPrint in the beginning of 2007, and stupidly have only recently bothered to look through a pile of bank statements to find that in total VP Rewards have taken£278.75 from my account!!

    I have contacted the Office of Fair Trading and they advised me to write to VP Rewards and what to say exactly and to give them 10 days to offer a refund or state that I will be taking the matter further. The Office of Fair Trading stated to get back in touch with them if I don't get a response in 10 days and possibly think of taking it to a small claims court.

    This website is disgraceful, their contact number leads to a few options and only when you enter information incorrectly do you get trasferred to an "operator" A.K.A no answer! I am waiting to hear from VP Rewards and hopefully a refund, though I don't hold out much hope for all £278.75!! KEEP CLEAR VISTA PRINT AND VP REWARDS!!!!!!!!

  167. Have faith! Like you I discovered they had nicked over £300 but after emails and phones calls to Bermuda/Jamaica (free) and talking nicley but threatening Watchdog etc I now have all the many sums they took refunded and an email saying it is all cancelled

  168. The very same thing happened to me, I called 0800 028 8251 the number that was posted on this site(thankyou for that)
    spoke to a very helpful lady who promised me all monies to be refunded, and they have been. Good Luck All

  169. hi can eny body HELP me . i did a recki on my bank statement and found i have been riped off by 6 months worth of £11,47p paid to vprewards.com flipin cheek,.eny way i hadent ageed to eny thing with them and i cant get a hold of eny body .can some one please help .

  170. Just found out that these guys have been helping themselves to my account since October 2008!!!! Spoke to a wee lassie at VP Rewards who was less than useless and eventually called the Vista Print number given on this website and spoke to someone who was helpful and said they would arrange to cancel and refund within 3-5 days. Will let you know if that happens!! Thanks again to this site.

  171. OMG i've been letting VPREWARDS.com take money out of my account for ages and after reading all the advise i finally rang this number:0800 028 8251 and got through to a helpful american whom states that they will cancel payment and refund money too!! I didn't have correct email address or post code as we have moved and change email address several times but with my name he found all the info and said it out to me (might go a and try to cancel it on the website too) I also rang my CC company who transferred me through to a dispute centre that will send you a form to fill in with the info of vprewards and they will get in touch to cancel it…….so hopefully one of these ways will work……good luck!!!

  172. i have just found out that they Clubprem have been taking £11.95 a month since Oct 07. Im fuming. Rang clubprem and a useless girl told me it was via vistaprint that i had agreed to this-no way wot a cheek. Rang my bank and they told me the company had compromised my card details and i cancelled my card. Got to wait for new card now-wot a pain. Have emailed and faxed company demanding refund of my money in full £286 !!!

  173. I have only just found out that i have had £27.90 a month taken out of my account from vista print, i too ordered a set of free business cards then at a later date a printed t-shirt so they must have created two accounts for me, talking to the bank at the moment but this seems to date back years ! maybe back to 2005 !

  174. Hi there,

    I too have just found out that I've been charged £9.95 per month for what may I ask!

    I ordered business cards twice and some notepads in 2007 originally so I've been charged since then.

    I really can't believe it and it's funny that none of us have noticed!

    I have just written to them and told them I will report them.

    I guess it's a very easy way to make more money from people without them knowing thinking they're receiving free business cards when in fact it's far from it. Not bad for doing nothing eh! And multiply this by all their customers.

    Don't worry everyone. I don't stop until I get to the bottom of something and when they are shown up by a TV programme covering their [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10]activities and nobody uses them anymore, [Comment removed following complaint by Adaptive Affinity dated 06-Sep-10]

  175. HELP
    I've just tried to close an old credit card with a small balance on which I've been paying minimum payment on for a couple of years to find I've been paying VPREWARDS.COM £9.95 mth, then £11.95 mth since July 2008! £191.10 in total. I've tried the 0800 028 8251 number which has been disconnected, then the 0845 026 1100 number. I spoke to a very abrupt man who said I had signed up and tough. He quoted all sorts of emails which he says have been sent to me – but have never and said I will not get a penny back. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  176. Just noticed on our credit card statement a debit for £11.95 monthly to VP Rewards. It is a joint account and we both thought it was something that the other had purchased – bad book-keeping ! Turns out that neither of us know what this is but Vistaprint did print us some business cards in late 2007. This debit adds up to £298.75 before we have caught them. We have contact Nat West, our bank, who say that they can do nothing about it ! BEWARE – DO NOT DEAL WITH VISTAPRINT EVER !

  177. I phoned to cancel membership which i was obviously conned into then asked for a refund, was told no as i signed up to it, i then simply told the woman on the phone i would contact trading standards to which they said they would refund 15 months, i accepted but when i get it i'll still go to trading standards.

  178. Hi i to have been having £11.95 taken from my account need to speak to the bank to see how long it’s been going on, i kept on blaming my hubby for buying stuff of his playstation when i finally checked what it was it is for vprewards which i had brought some business cards way over a year ago, going to try and sort it, what a complete rip off. DO NOT USE VISTAPRINT.

  179. Horror of horrors. I have just gone through 1 and a half years of statements and found Vprewards debits for £11.95 –a £200 robbery !I ordered and paid for business cards–no freebies and have been rewarded by this scam. I never received one email from them ‘signing up’–I have emailed them–(it took a while to find any form of email address) and will write to head office in US. I will never use Vistaprint ever again.

  180. Three payments per month, VP Rewards, Club Prem and Shopper discounts, I have tried for 3 years almost to stop these payments, cancelled my cards numerous times, it is not the card they use to take the money it’s the account number and sort code, only way to stop them is to close your bank account and open a new one..!

  181. I have just been scammed by lastminute.com and highstreetmax.com

    I used lastminute.com to buy theater tickets in April, at the end of April I noticed a recurring visa transaction for £14.95 debited from my account. I called the number on my statement and it’s just an automated service, no one answers. I do not know any account details because I never received any, so I cannot cancel the service via email or on the phone. I spoke to my bank Nationwide about it and they say they cannot help. The only way to stop it is to close my bank account

  182. How I wish I had read this page 18 months ago! I too ordered the free business cards from Vista Print. I have no recollection of signing up for anything especially not with CLUBPREM. They have taken over £200 out of my account in the last 20 months. I know I was silly and should have noticed but a card transaction of £9.95 and since last October £11.95 is not really a something that I would have taken much notice of. I have emailed Clubprem and threatened them with Trading Standards if I do not receive a full refund within 10 days! fingers crossed.

  183. Like so many of you I received business cards from Vista Print using a Credit Card that I seldom use. As In my own mind I had no outstanding finance on this card I have not viewed my statement regularly online. now I find I owe VP rewards for services I did not sign up for but have also incurred late payment fees from my credit card provider also. Lesson learnt now the tricky phase of trying to stop the payments begins.

  184. I too fell victim to this scam when I booked a trip on lastminute.com. – I must have inadvertently clicked on the pop up that promised me £10 off my next purchase, but nowhere did it say that I had taken out membership of High Street Max (another brand owned by Adaptive Affinity) by doing this and I never got any emails with membership details etc. I have just seen that they have debited my credit card by £14.95. To try to cancel I have gone to their website (highstreetmax.com) and send a message asking for my account to be closed. Last Minute give a phone number for High Street Max in their FAQs (they’ve obviously had complaints) but I couldn’t get through on this since it asked for my membership number which I never received. We’ll see if the email works. Meanwhile I have written to Last Minute saying I will no longer use them until they stop their association with this company. What appals me is that this has been going on for years and there has been a lot of coverage – there was a story about it in the Mirror in 2008 (http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/investigations/2008/07/mysterious-credit-card-charges.html) – and they are still doing it.

  185. To ConsumerDeals

    I am a representative from Adaptive Affinity Ltd and Adaptive Affinity partners.

    Firstly I would like to apologize for your experiences to date. It is our intention to keep our
    customers central to our business model and it is important that we always offer the best services.

    In response to your post I would like to state that Adaptive Affinity Ltd and
    partners in no way operate in illegal, immoral or dishonest business practices. Our offerings grow
    constantly and allow us to offer great deals and discounts for all our members. We remain in easy
    reach of our members and encourage feedback on our services, and are confident that the majority of
    our members enjoy good service and benefits.

    All our services are clearly explained online and prospective members are always given the
    opportunity to opt out of any of our membership programmes. Like in any business refunds are
    discretionary and dependent upon the individual circumstances, but we are always committed to
    offering a clear and honest service.

    Adaptive Affinity operates in a consumer friendly environment and will offer help and support to all
    members of our partner brands. We will offer information into our offerings and products and we will
    endeavor to offer the best customer service.

    You and all other readers of this post may use one of the following contact

    1. Call +44 (0) 870 143 2343
    2. Visit http://www.adaptiveaffinity.com/faq.html
    3. Post your questions or concerns on our forum: http://www.adaptive-affinity.com.

    Kind regards,
    Adaptive Affinity Customer Service

  186. Wow! Just seen the message!

    Are these guys trying to shut down this site? Wonder what is is they’re trying to hide???

    Good luck CD… Hope you fight against this company to keep yourself on-the-air!!

  187. Adaptive Affinity needs to change their FAQ!

    Entry 11 is:

    “I am concerned about negative comments I have seen on other sites about Adaptive Affinity.”

    and is answered with…

    “Negative comments usually arise from misunderstandings or from not following instructions i.e. when someone fails to cancel within the Trial Period and is subsequently charged. Only a very small percentage of members post these comments.”

    They need to tag the following onto the end…

    “Fear not though, as we’re planning to sue websites that contain anything negative about us.”






  188. I have also been debited monthly for the last 22 months for VP Rewards and ClubPrem.com both to do with Vistaprint.
    I telephone Vistaprint on 0800 496 0350 to find out what it was for and straight away she offered to refund me. She contacted to companies while i was on hold and cancelled the subscriptions. In total they have debited nearly £500 from my account. I have been promised a refund within the next 7-10 days (fingers crossed) I will keep you informed if i get the refund.
    Since calling vistaprint i have had emails confirming the cancellation of the subscriptions so i just wait for the refund to show on my bank account. I will also keeping an eye out to see if any more debits go through.
    Anyone looking for a refund that supposedly signed up through Vistaprint should cal 0800 496 0350 and quote your vistaprint account number.
    Vistaprint have assured me that since the beginning of the year they have cut all ties with these companies. Obviously had lots of complaints.

  189. OMG, Just got an email from VP REWARDS to advise me that my subscription will increase to £18.95 from the 18/10/10 today is the 19th so i have already been done for a further £18.95.
    Called my bank who can’t do anything about it.
    Called the above number 0800 496 0350 and eventually spoke to an American called Patrick
    Who say he is issuing a cancelation email to VP REWARDS and asking their internal people to issue a refund. My last order with them was in 2006 and the bank was able to tell me it was from that order that i have been paying the monthly charge.
    i do check my statements and VP REWARDS is very similar to my insurance firm which at a glance looks okay. I am so gutted almost £800.00 gone just because i wanted to send a christmas card. Needless to say i won’t be using Vista Print again.
    They did say that they are a partner firm and no mention of cutting ties with them. still i suppose it depends on who you talk to. they are supposed to call me back today so fingers crossed.
    What a mug i am.

  190. Well I am SHOCKED.

    Contacted Vista print and two calls later have had a full refund (over £600) all paid back to my account and removed from the VP rewards programme. As mentioned by the above person (Michelle) Anyone looking for a refund that supposedly signed up through Vistaprint should cal 0800 496 0350 and quote your vistaprint account number.

    Best of luck guys

  191. i am really mad ive had money taken from my account only to be left without any money and four kids to feed gone to the bank to get my money and wondered why its not there and the bank tells me its been debited by someone called rewardsnow so they gave me a fone number and its gone to the frauds department had to cancel my card and my direct debits its a right pain who ever is doing this need locking up coz they are ruining peoples lives

  192. I do not understand why the UK government let companies like VP rewards and highcreditscore run.

    Anyway signed up via trialpay then cancelled

    Still charged. Awlful customer services, awful company.been charged.

  193. Today have spoken to a man at vistaprint called Romain with reference to the £250 TAKEN OUT OF MY ACCOUNT OVER THE PAST YEAR – SPOKE to the bank who say I have to get it cancelled by vistaprint – by the way it is an old card and this doestnt matter they can take the money if it was issued in my name – I have arraged to see the bank fraud squad next week if I do not get refund from this firm – I am not holding my breath

  194. Ditto! My best suggestion is that if your credit card is being debited, cancel the card and ask the credit card company to reissue it with a different number.

  195. A new twist to the game – VPREWARDS said that a full refund was ‘not possible’, but did offer to pay back 50% of the money they had taken.

    You then ask yourself whether it’s worth the hassle to pursue a full refund or to cut your losses and accept their offer. By deciding on the latter option I have effectively let them get away with taking £227 out of my account.

    (I should have read the email from Michelle on sept 16 2010 before I did this. She phoned VistaPrint and got a full refund)

  196. I have just picked up on VPRewards taking £18.95 from my bank account since April 2011. As if that was not bad enough the card that they are using expired in 2008. I have now contacted my bank and they are looking in to the case. I have also contacted VistaPrint for an explanation. Needless to say I will never use VistaPrint again.

  197. It appears that rewardsnow has actually had a e-petition filed against them at the government website for e-petitions, there is only 9 signatories but this is bad news for a company to end up with this sort of practices against the poorer members of society.

    This company should be closed down and the directors should be prosecuted and sent to jail.

  198. me tooVPREWARDS.com and CLUBPREM.com have been robbing me since, wait for it, MARCH 2007 !!!!!! £9.95×2 to being with, up to £21.95×2 in feb of this year.. just cancelled it last week. Had no idea that this was happening
    they have said I can have £251 back….

    Im gutted (and embarrassed)

    Did anyone get anywhere?

  199. I just rung vistaprint.spoke to henda. she took all the details and sounded very positive about getting my money back.. we will see.. 08004960350. Have your vistaprint account number handy and details of what money was taken and when

    1. I have only just read this post as I googled VPRewards because they have been taking £18.95 out of my bank every month for 4 years!!!! I’m so mad I’ve spoken to them & they have no details of me but accept its them but I’m thinking now my debit card number could be my old card number. Anyway how did you get a full refund?

  200. just found out I’ve been fleeced by vprewards. Just had to pay £1,250 to clear my credit card charges and found out they have been debiting my account since 2008. Have tried talking to credit card company but they say I bought the business cards off them so it’s my own fault. As soon as I get this sorted, that is, if I get it sorted. I will be changing banks.

  201. Hello Folks
    I found out I was being debited, well fleeced, by vprewards in December 2012. I didn’t realise it but they have been taking money since…..2008 !!
    I never authorised them to do this. I have spoken to my bank and cancelled vprewards access to my account. I want to know how I can get my money back!! Makes me feel very foolish as I like to think I was checking my bank statements!

  202. Just found the VPREWARDS on my credit card statement. I didn’t realise companies could set up recurring payments on a credit card and so have not been vigilant enough in checking. They have been taking money since 15th March 2008. It’s now Feb 2013 and what started as £9.95 is now £18.95 a month having gone through three or four increases over the years since 2008.

    They refuse to refund me and as I have now cancelled the payment, also refuse to allow me to logon to see what rewards I may be entitled to.

    I NEVER sign up for rewards schemes (or scams!) and have never recieved a single email from VP Rewards due to the fact they used an email address that I have not used for years, that’s if it didn’t go straight into SPAM folder anyway. How can a company debit your card without having your express permission and furthermore increase the payments without permission?

    Any suggestions? I have contacted Vista Print as I believe the ultimate responsibility lies with them for sharing my credit card details. I am also in email dialogue with VP Rewards who are refusing any help or refund whatsoever.

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