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Tiscali and TalkTalk LogosIf you’re with Tiscali for your Broadband, take note. From this Thursday, the 7th of January 2010, Tiscali customers will be migrated across to TalkTalk, as a result of the Carphone Warehouse’s takeover of Tiscali in May 2009.

Those with Tiscali, and in particular, on a broadband-only tariff with Tiscali, may find that their once-great Broadband deal becomes uncompetitive. Those on a £14.99 broadband deal will have to pay £19.99 from Thursday, unless they’re prepared to switch over to TalkTalk’s home phone package.

If you’re not happy about being shifted to TalkTalk, there are plenty of better deals out there…

This follows last year’s acquisition of Tiscali by the Carphone Warehouse.

Current Tiscali customers that only use Broadband will find that their monthly bill will rise from £14.99 a month to £19.99 a month, unless they start using TalkTalk’s home phone service too. TalkTalk are also keen to lock you into an 18 month contract.

If you’re with Tiscali, you might want to start considering some of the cheaper alternatives to get a better deal.

Plusnet is offering three months free broadband to Tiscali customers who switch between now and the 31st of January 2010. To take advantage of this offer, go to Plusnet Tiscali Switch and use the special promotion code tiscalisave on the payment details screen.

Alternatively, there’s BE Broadband’s basic service for £7.50 a month. Details: Be Broadband

Switching providers is easy – the first thing you’ll need to do is contact Tiscali / TalkTalk to get your MAC (migration authority code). You’ll need to tell your new provider this code when you sign up, to ensure that the switch goes through without a loss of broadband service.

More on the options on our UK Broadband Offers page.

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