Discussion forum shut down by property firm

The ConsumerDeals Equity discussion forum was today closed down following a threat of legal action by Mount Street Holdings. The reason given is that an unstated percentage of the messages posted by the company’s customers allegedly contain defamatory material relating to Mount Street Holdings plc, Equity Asset Management Limited, CPM Asset Management Limited, Pier Management Limited and Regis Group plc. The removal of 61 messages posted by Mr Andrew Zahn, the CEO of Mount Street Holdings, was also requested. As Mr Zahn has been a welcome and active member of our forum for some time now, the reason for this change of heart is unclear.

Neither Mount Street Holdings nor Equity have contacted ConsumerDeals regarding this matter. Instead, they have elected to force our web hosting company to remove of all 800 messages posted over the last year.

Equity has recently been in the news regarding a fraud probe in Vange, Basildon, Essex.

ConsumerDeals would like to apologise for the inconvenience that the forced removal of our forum by MSH has caused, both to our site visitors and to customers of Mount Street Holdings and its associates, who are now no longer allowed to have their say publicly on this site.

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